IPR...is it my dentist or is it really violent....r/o

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IPR...is it my dentist or is it really violent....r/o

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He was like sawing with a small saw-like device. He used so much pressure and actually slipped once. I thought he was going to gouge out the back of my throat. Is this how it goes or is he a bit rough? There really isn't any room to fit it between my teeth he had to use a lot of force. Thanks all. :shock:

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Re: IPR...is it my dentist or is it really violent....r/o

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Depending on how tight the contact between the teeth is, and the method of IPR, you will have a different experience. Generally, using rotary tools or a high speed handpiece, you will not feel your head jerk back and forth. If using strips by hand, it is possible that your head might rock back and forth slightly. Take a look a this video of me doing IPR for my clinical team member:

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