asking for new set of refinements after treatment finished?

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asking for new set of refinements after treatment finished?

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Hi everyone,

I have finished my treatment 6 months ago. I wore one set of refinements. I was so happy to finally finish with the treatment that all I wanted to is wear no more trays. However, as time goes on , I am starting to notice that there are still little corrections that could have been done to my teeth. My teeth are straight, but my upper and lower ones don't meet each other.
I wear my retainers at nighttime.
What I want to know, am I allowed to ask for another set of refinements 6months after finishing the treatment? Really not sure about this. I have paid a lot of money to have this done(as all of you) really can't afford to pay for a new treatment.
I hope there is someone out there who knows the answer to this.
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Re: asking for new set of refinements after treatment finish

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There are a couple of factors to consider.

1. Your contract with your office.
2. There is an "expiration date" on Invisalign providing further revisions based on your start date and expected treatment completion.
3. If you have requested Invisalign retainers or Vivera, there are no further revisions available to your doctor without a new lab fee.

Anecdotally, the end of treatment is a decision made between the patient and the doctor. If you completed one set of refinement and decided that was enough and have been given retainers, you may not find the answer that you're looking for. Your best bet is to speak to the office to figure out where you can go from here. Good luck!
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