Dentist if I am on a serious budget?.......

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Dentist if I am on a serious budget?.......

#1 Post by gigi3lbs »

My choice is use a dentist who quoted me 2800 and my friend used him (She is very happy) or not do anything at all to my teeth as I don't have the 5k the ortho's charge. I don't have a complicated case by the way. Just post braces teeth that have gotten outta line over the years. Would any of you opt for the dentist? Thanks!!!!

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#2 Post by drrick »

If your friend liked the doc and got nice results and he/she says can do the same for you then go for it.
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#3 Post by DrJasonKTam »

Just remember that you are paying for the experience of the doctor amongst other factors and that each person's teeth are different.

We all have to do what fits within our budgets, but just be sure your initial tooth positions are something that your doctor can confidently correct for you with aligners. Good luck!
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#4 Post by myhollywoodsmile »

I'll be honest, I would wait and save to go with the ortho. Only because I get a lot of emails on my blog from people dissatified with their results through a dentist.

Do you have a university near you? Some of them offer treatment under the supervision of their lecturers as case studies. This can be a cheaper way to go too.

It's your call, it depends how confident you are in the dentist. Also, obviously everyone's financial situation is very different so only you know whether you are likely to be able to afford an ortho in the future.

Good luck!

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#5 Post by Wireless »

I have to agree that its better to have an orthodontist, particularly if there is any unusual problem involved. If you do decide on a dentist, make sure they are doing enough ortho work to be proficient.

In my case, I had a family dentist do my last ortho treatment 20 years ago. During treatment, I realized he only had basic training with little clinical experience. I also failed to follow up afterwards with a regular orthodontist when I realized there was an experience issue, or make note of my concerns with my present dentist. The final treatment looked ok, but I have since relapsed to the point it is taking 2 1/2 years to correct.

If you do decide on a dentist, be sure there is a credible track record.

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#6 Post by Wireless »

I did think of one more advantage for Orthodontists - they can work with other treatment methods beyond Invisalign only. In my case, I started out with Invisalign, even though I have a difficult case. This has evolved into a combination of metal buttons and elastics on my rear teeth with Essix partial retainers on the front. While there is nothing Invisalign involved any more, I still have clear appliances in the front that aren't easily seen. Special skills are needed to work with these combinations.

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#7 Post by sammywantstraightteeth »

I'm having treatment with a dentist. I started aligner 9 this week, and so far things seem to be working fine. I'll know more at the end of the month when I see him for my next full checkup.

For me it was a quote of £2750 following a free consultation with the dentist. Or it was 'from £4000' with a £135 consultation before I'd even get a full quote from the orthodontist. Based on that it was either the dentist or nothing for me, so I decided to take my chances.

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