New to Invisalign & have a sore tongue

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New to Invisalign & have a sore tongue

#1 Post by RetroPants17 »

Hi. Day 6 of 70 into invisalign braces - very new to this.

I have a very sore tongue with about 3 small ulsers at the end of my tongue. Has anyone else experienced this, and will it go aways?


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#2 Post by andrea26 »


yes it's very normal and they will go away once your mouth and tongue get used to the braces. I can't remember very well but i think I only had that during my first set.
Good luck with your treatment.
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#3 Post by RetroPants17 »

Thanks. I look forward to them going.



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#4 Post by Robin8 »

Your sore tongue and ulcers are likely caused by the sharp or raised edges at the back of the aligners. Try to use a nail file (for filing nails) to file them down.

I’m on trays #8 now and I have to file every one of them since I started. I tend to press my tongue against the back of my teeth so every tiny rough/raised spot bothers me.

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#5 Post by DrJasonKTam »

Nail file is a great idea. If the edges are too long, then you may have to ask your orthodontist to trim the aligners and smooth them out.

The edges are usually a problem during the first several days of a new aligner since they are not conformed right to your teeth. As the teeth move into the aligner, there is going to be less space between the aligner and your teeth/gums, leaving little to no edge for your tongue to get caught on.

Stick with it... it does get better :).
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Re: New to Invisalign & have a sore tongue

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My trays also cut the bottom of my tongue. I used the wax some folks use on braces but it was a pain to clean the trays afterward. Then I filed down the back edges with a nail file and that helped a lot. The bottom back of the tray no longer causes issues.

My BIG issue was behind my top front middle teeth. The bump directly behind those teeth (I think the official name is incisive papilla) got really irritated on day one tray 1. By day 3 it was huge and felt infected.

I trimmed a small "U" in the tray using 1/8" round metal file I bought on Amazon. Took a while and I test fit the thing multiple times before the edge of the tray was not cutting straight through the middle of the bump. I'd suggest the file kit for anyone because you get round, flat, and triangle shaped files all about 1/8" in diameter. The flat nailfile did not clean the nooks as well because it was about 1/2" wide.

Tray 2 next week - yippie - sorta.

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