40 years old and wondering about Invisalign

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40 years old and wondering about Invisalign

#1 Post by momtogrif »

So, I have been to a few ortho consults about 2 years ago. I had every opinion in the book. You need jaw surgery top and bottom, you need 3 years of braces, we can fix this with Invisalign, etc, etc, etc....

Anyway, my top teeth were pushed forward from my wisdom teeth back in my 20's. I had braces when I was a kid for almost 4 years. Everything was fine and I stopped wearing my retainer when I was in college b/c I lost it. So, I got the wisdom teeth pulled when I was 30. Now, my two front teeth on top are crowded by the next in line and everything is pushing forward. My bite is off and my midline is off. Honestly, I have no pain or jaw problems to speak of so I've been wondering if Invisalign can fix problems like this? I'm tempted to just go back to the ortho who said he can fix it with Invisalign but I want to make sure I do it right! If I decide to do it at all, LOL!


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#2 Post by Phantom Muse »

Been there, done that! I am 43, had braces for three years as a teenager, didn't wear my retainer, and had my wisdom teeth removed about ten years ago when my teeth started to really shift. My bite is off a tiny bit (mild overbite), but my midline is fine.

I have been "sentenced" to 6 months with Invisalign (I just started my final lower tray tonight but have 5 more on top after this set), but am expecting refinements to tame this stubborn upper front tooth. Some sorts of moves are more difficult with Invisalign, but I expect good results in the end. I did, however, choose an ortho that would do whatever necessary (metal braces for a few months) to achieve a good result without extra charges - just in case this tooth won't behave. I have no reason to expect that, but I like to be prepared!

I suggest getting a few opinions now, as there are so many avenues to consider - with Invisalign or any other type of braces. Be sure to see an orthodontist rather than a dentist, and if you really want Invisalign, look for a premier provider (you can find one at Invisalign's website through a zip code search). I had a consult with an ortho whose office told me he did Invisalign but it turned out he simply doesn't like the system. I spent a few needless days being disheartened!

There are plenty of people who have had amazing results using Invisalign with complicated cases, so I'd see what can be done!

Good luck! :D

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#3 Post by Wireless »

I'm now 60 and have had a recurring deep bite - braces twice before. My orthodontist has been able to work with a complex case using Invisalign. My treatment has taken a long time - now up to 17 months and I'm not sure when I'll finish. It's looking like I won't need regular braces to finish, but I won't know for sure for a while.

My suggestion is to find an orthodontist with advanced Invisalign credentials or an advanced degree in orthodontics - mine has the latter. This type of doctor will do more with Invisalign than just change trays every two weeks.

Good luck!!

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#4 Post by myhollywoodsmile »

Hi there,
I'm late thirties, and have Invisalign for a fairly complex case. I echo the thing about finding an orthodontist.
Like you I got many, many opinions but chose the most experienced provider of Invisalign in the end. So far my teeth are moving very very well and 15 months in I have no regrets...

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#5 Post by louw27 »

DO IT! I was really hesitant about invisalign after talking to many orthodontists about various treatment options. I was worried about the cost, the pain, and the general inconvenience.

But it is AMAZING - only 3 weeks in yet but already feeling really happy about my choice.
Pain is bearable too!

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#6 Post by momtogrif »

What about pain issues? I've read some posts here and my big issue is that I have VERY sensitive teeth and gums already. My mouth already hurts and I don't take pain meds as they upset my stomach and send me into bouts of ulcer pain. Soooooo, these are the main reasons I've held off. I keep thinking I'll be sentenced to years of mouth pain just for vanity's sake!

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#7 Post by Wireless »

Is your dental pain caused by bite problems? In my case, my teeth looked fine, but a severe deep bite caused gum inflamation and other problems painful enough to keep me from sleeping. My dentist told me there was nothing he could do about the problem until I had orthodontic treatment.

Suggest you discuss your sensitive teeth and gums with your dentist to see what can help.

In my case, my aligners kept my teeth from hitting sensitive gums and the pain relief was immediate - I slept until 10 AM after my first night with them in. Yes, I do have sore teeth when I change aligners, but its nothing compared to the pain I experienced from the gum inflamation.

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#8 Post by ChicagoJohn »

I started out taking Advil when I put new trays in because I was told to. But honestly, the last set of trays that I put in, I didn't take anything at all. I put them in and had planned on going to buy some Advil in the morning but the pain really wasn't bad enough so I just dealt with it for a day or two and everything was fine. So I don't think that you necessarily have to take pain medication with Invisalign if it will upset your stomach. I mean, it gets rid of the soreness but I don't find that it's ever really sore enough to go running for a pain pill.

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#9 Post by Whwaldo »

1. Sensodyne toothpaste can be your best friend if you tend to have tooth or gum pain or discomfort. Works really well.
2. I wouldn't take Advil or another NSAID (stomach issues plus my paranoia that an anti-inflammatory might slow progress), but would take Tylenol.

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