Payin before starting

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Payin before starting

#1 Post by Finn »

Hi @ all,
I´m thinking about getting Invisalign braces and am wondering wether I can afford it.
How much did you have to pay before starting? I have heard you must pay for all sets before starting. Is that right?
Thank you for you answers.


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#2 Post by nycgrrl »

nope, i pay monthly installments -- up front i did have to pay a little over $2,000 (xrays, 1st impressions) but after that I pay per month (15 mons x $273).
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#3 Post by Finn »

Did you say you paid 2000 Dollars for xrays and impressions? :shock:


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#4 Post by TinySmiley »

Hi Finn, I don't know if it's the same for everyone, but for me I paid a lump sum at the beginning for impressions, X Rays etc. and now I pay monthly. For me, my dentist told me in advance at the consultation of how much the treatment would cost me, so I knew when I made the decsion to do it, whether or not i could afford the whole treatment.

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#5 Post by KUMonkeyMomma »

I was also told at my consult how much they'd be. I had to put down a lump sum when I had my impressions done as well - basically they said that if when the clin check comes back if you don't like it and back out that covers the cost of their time/materials, etc (and then some I'm sure). After that I just make payments when I go in, until it's paid. I could have done a monthly pay plan if I went to CareCredit or one of the like credit places for medical/dental expenses but didn't want to pay the interest rate, so opted to make a plan with my provider. I pay him $500 each time I'm there until it's paid (total was $5000 US, with down pay of $2000 then 6 payments of $500) It's paid off sooner because each payment is more when I pay (every 6 weeks) and no interest to pay.
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#6 Post by Finn »

Hi @all,

thank you all for your comments. Beeing in this forum is so helpful. :)
At the moment I´m making problems for myself with beeing too shy to ask the ortho wether we could go with Invisalign instead of regular braces. He told me, it would be possible in my case but then only talked about common braces. At the end, I said yes and went back home.
But then I changed my mind and really don´t want to go on his plan, and I´m afraid of going there and tell them. They would do everything new again. :oops:
Or shouldn´t I make a problem from it and just call and tell them ?


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#7 Post by MonaMoore »

I think you should phone them and tell them! its your mouth, your teeth, you will have to live with it for the time of the treatment all the time, so you should not be shy about it. And its even pay your money you pay for the treatment!

I know these doctors can be a bit intimitating, but just think about the fact that this is all about you.. and they are providing a service for you..

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#8 Post by whiskers00182 »

I'm on a payment plan as well. Its a 24 month plan (2 years) My orthodontist didn't require a down payment, but just the lump sum of all of it was broken down into 24 equal payments, and must be paid in full by the 24 months. So the more I put down to begin with the lower the lower the monthly payments. I put about 1600 down to start , to make the monthly payments smaller. I pay 194.00 a month that's taken directly out of my bank account, at no interest. I have since paid the whole balance off in advance so I now have no payments with a year in braces to go or so. I did not want to pay a lot to begin with as I had a hard time trusting any orthodontist and I wanted to be sure before I gave them all my money that they would actually give a a result I liked! Good luck!!!

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#9 Post by myhollywoodsmile »

I paid half upfront and the rest by monthly instalments of $220. I thought that was fair. My orthodontist told me he has quite a few patients who give up halfway through treatment so I think it is only fair that he gets half my money up front first.

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#10 Post by Whwaldo »

I paid $2500 up front, and am on monthly payment plan. My total payments are the difference between the outrageous fee and what my insurance will pay for orthodontia.

I am not so upset about the upfront cost - I believe that Invisalign charges the ortho $1500 for a full case, plus the ortho is entitled to reasonable fees for x-rays, case assessment, etc...

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#11 Post by louw27 »

I'm in the UK - I paid £1500 deposit and am paying the rest monthly.

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