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NEW MEMBERS, Please Read Before Participating

Posted: Sun Aug 30, 2009 2:46 pm
by bbsadmin
Dear New Members,

Please read the following information before participating in our message board:

1. I am not a dentist or an orthodontist, and am therefore not qualified to give advice regarding your treatment. Please do not send me a personal message asking my opinion of your treatment. If you have a question about your treatment, post it to the message board, not to me directly.

2. Please review the following rule: New members must post a message to the board within 4 days of registering. If you register and have zero posts in your account after 4 days, your account will be deleted. This is necessary to deter fetishes and spammers.

3. Please do not use "texting" abbreviations in your posts (such as UR for "your" and CU for "see you" and so on). Use full words and spell them out.

4. If you post URLs to websites that are deemed to be spam, the posts will be deleted and you will be banned from the message board. Spamming is not permitted on this message board under any circumstances.