Aligners and Braces Experience?

Discussions about treatment with invisible braces that use clear aligners, such as Invisalign, OrthoClear, the Red White and Blue system, etc.

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Aligners and Braces Experience?

#1 Post by invisauser001 »

Hi, I work for a market research firm in DC that is studying braces and aligners. If you are considering using either (or recently started using them), please click here to complete our survey. Oh, and we're giving $25 Gift Certificates for your participation!


Check us out on the web:
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#2 Post by Lilypad »

Just a heads up.....this is a REAL deal.....I did a survey for them and got my gift code for the amazon gift certificate! :jump: In, fact I was asked to do a 2nd one and this one is worth $35. I'm waiting on it now!!!!! Got no spam from it either! :HugeGrin:

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#3 Post by terra85 »

I also did the survey as well, both the online and phone interview. Can't wait to get my $50 Amazon gift certificate! :)
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#4 Post by Megan11 »

It said I did not qualify after only two questions haha

1. I have braces
2. Have had them for 7-12 months

and thats as far as I got lol...

Lame... :x

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