Invisalign patient with periodontal issues, periolase??

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Invisalign patient with periodontal issues, periolase??

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Hi everyone,

I've only got 4 more trays to go with my Invisalign. Unfortunately, while on the program, one of my perio pockets has gone from a 6 to an 8. The x-ray shows some bone loss. The ortho/dentist recommended I go see a periodontist. The perio guy says I need SURGERY, and we're waiting for the insurance company to authorize it.

Meanwhile, while waiting, I read up a bit more on the perio surgery. A lot of people say that it is a temporary fix and sometimes the tissue/bone material they transplant doesn't stick and you end up just having to have it done again.

Also, I've read about new laser technology called Periolase. My periodontist has one on his office, but he told me because I'm on Invisalign I'm not a good candidate.

That doesn't make sense it would seem the laser would be less invasive them chopping off gum tissue, but he said it's more of a "whole mouth" solution rather then for one specific area.

My hygenist told me that she can deep clean my teeth and use arestin (which I've already had done before)...

Someone else told me that if I get my deep cleaning and then use the waterpick that all of my perio problems should be history...

So I've got all these ideas, just not sure the best solution... Thoughts, comments from those who have been in my shoes?

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Have you considered a second opinion by another periodontist to see if there are other recommendations? With the bone loss, this is probably something you don't want to wait on.

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I may have answered my own questions by calling another dentist/periodontist.

This guy that I just talked to is certified on the Periolase laser and has performed hundreds of treatments. He is also an Invisalign premier provider who is very familiar with Invisalign.

The Periolase is much more successful then traditional perio surgery, and recovery time is only 1 week versus 1-2 months with surgery.

The downside: no solid foods for that entire week.... And, for the first 3-5 days, NO invisalign trays.

So, I am waiting to hear back from my invisalign orthodontist on how he feels that will affect my treatment. My guess is I'll probably just revert back to my last tray for a week or two and then switch into the new one again, but who knows?

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