Nite White ACP & Invisalign

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Nite White ACP & Invisalign

#1 Post by djrobsd »

My friend at work gave me an extra syringe of her Nite White ACP (10%). I've used this before I got Invisalign and it seems to work good, although quite a bit of sensativity the next day.

Has anyone used this while on the Invisalign program? Is it best to wait until the end of treatment or can I start using this? My teeth are stained pretty badly from all the wine and coffee I've drank in the past (way before Invisalign).

I do have buttons on, but the ortho told me that the bleach usually does penetrate through. I'm worried that if I whiten now, when they take the buttons off i'll have a spot on my teeth.

Has anyone else done this?

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#2 Post by fred »

One of the dental assistants gave me some whitening gel (Nite White ACP 16%) before I got my attachments off. I used two syringes, at a higher percentage, and had no difference in tooth color when my attachments came off.

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#3 Post by John37 »

I used it before Invisalign and during the first trays which didn't have attachments yet. I think I had the 16%. I thought it worked well, but I still need more whitening after I am done. I didn't want to do much whitening after I got the attachments. The dentist said it could leave a small darker area where the attachments were, but I could just whiten a little to fix it. I don't had attachments on the incisors, just on the canines and a few premolars.

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