sick more often from invisalign?

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sick more often from invisalign?

#1 Post by jennicakes »

I've had invisalign for just over a year now, and am now finished my treatment, wearing wire retainers bonded behind the teeth, and my alingers at night.

I get sick all the time- about once a month recently. And last winter, I was sick for literally a month (didn't have mono) and did awful in school as a result! I'll usually wake up with this achy, fevery feeling, that will last for 2 to 3 days. :( (In fact, I'm sick right now-and it's strange that I went to sleep well, wearing the aligners I only wear at night, then woke up sick)

I was thinking maybe I was anemic, or lacking in some vitamin or something, when it suddenly dawned on me that my invisalign could be the culprit.

I will be seeing a doctor in 2 days for blood work, but I really think it could be the invisalign- I clean them with mouthwash, hoping it will kill all bacteria on them, but maybe I am not cleaning them well enough, and bacteria is getting into my system more easily.

Any thoughts on this would be great!

If you guys don't think invisalign in the cause, does anyone else get sick constantly? I am worried it could be something really bad :(

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#2 Post by John37 »

Just some thoughts...

1. Maybe you eat differently since you got Invisalign, like maybe you're not getting enough protein or other nutrients.

2. Maybe you are touching your mouth more and ingesting more viruses. I always wash my hands before taking my aligners out. And I avoid touching my eyes and nose if I've been out in public touching things.

3. Maybe your sleep pattern has changed or you are not sleeping as well, and this has put more stress on you body.

4. Not sure if it's the plastic that the aligners are made out of. I don't seem to have any problem with them.

5. You mouth/throat could be getting drier with the aligners and this is making you more susceptible to picking up germs.

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#3 Post by djrobsd »

Drink lots of water. :)

I've had mine for 14 weeks and have never had any issues like that, but I've always drank a lot of water with them in.

Honestly, knock on WOOD, I don't know what's up with my body's immune system, but I haven't been sick for over a year, even way before I got Invisalign. I'll probably jinx myself, but I am doing very well in the getting sick department while everyone around me is always sick!

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