What happens after all refinements are used up?

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What happens after all refinements are used up?

#1 Post by scorpetteFL »

So I am on my second refinement and saw my clinchek this week - I have had so many problems with this ortho - and it's really clear that my teeth are not going to be straight at the end of this refinement. I don't have any more that are included after this.

I don't know what to do, this has been such a bad experience. The only thing I am sure of is that once I get my retainers I am FINISHED with this guy. My attachments keep falling off (that's the assistant's fault), the guy barely looks at my teeth when I go in, it's a joke.

I want straight teeth. This cost me almost $6000. The bottoms look fantastic but the tops are still crooked and I only have 4 aligners left. Although, I have so many attachments that there will be improvement (as long as they stop falling off).

Does the company give you a discount if you go through treatment again? Is Invisalign express expensive? Maybe I will just get some veneers after all. :cry:

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#2 Post by fred »

I know that my orthodontist includes 2 revisions and actual braces if that's what's needed. I didn't sign a contract when I began treatment (stupid, I know, but I didn't even know about a contract until this forum). During one of my visits a DA told me that there was some problems with a canine that probably need to be addressed with braces, and that it was all included in my initial fee. I paid $4500 and live in Charlotte, NC.
I am currently waiting on my first set of revision trays to come in. I am skeptical of my canine being fixed with revisions and told the DA that, but of course the doctor was "out of town" (I've seen him once in 10 months). So instead of going straight to braces or at least getting my orthodontist's opinion, I'll be going through a revision.

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#3 Post by RenaissanceGurl »

I my experience, you can pay a small extra fee for additional refinements if yours are used up. I was on one of the older contracts which just had one set of refinements included and when I decided that I wanted a second refinement, I had to pay something like 130 dollars. That includes possible future refinements as well, should I require them.
You certainly won't have to begin a whole new treatment process like InvisalignExpress. They have you data, I'm sure just like in my case they can easily provide more refinements, even if you have to pay some extra for them.
(Ask your ortho if he can order a refinement that includes "over-correction". We did that in my case, and my ortho just said that I don't have to use all the additional aligners, I could just stop whenever I'm happy with the results!)
Good luck!

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