Questions about Invisalign

Discussions about treatment with invisible braces that use clear aligners, such as Invisalign, OrthoClear, the Red White and Blue system, etc.

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Questions about Invisalign

#1 Post by alyssabunny »

Hi Everyone,

I have braces and think I have talked my fiancee into them too (he thought he avoided this in high school). The dentist estimates a treatment time of 12-18 month to fix some annoying crowding in the front but his bite is fine.

I was wondering:

how painful are they?
Is treatment time longer as compared to standard braces?
How much do they cost? Our ortho is charging $5200 regardless if he chooses these or plain metal.
Would he be better off with regular braces?

Any comments would be greatly appreciated

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#2 Post by rooroo »

Hi Alyssabunny and welcome to the forums.

I have had both invisalign and am currently finishing up my treatment with traditional braces. I had a pretty good case of crowding on my lower teeth, and it turned out invisalign wasn't quite strong nor precise enough to do a complete job, so I'm stuck in regular braces for a few more months. I was in invisalign for 2 years.

To answer your questions:

They are much less painful than traditional braces. This is because you can take them out every once in awhile. When you eat with regular braces, the pressure remains on your teeth, so you're teeth are so sore while eating that it can be difficult and painful to eat. Plus traditional braces rub the insides of your lips causing canker sores. The invisalign takes longer to get used to talking in however, and longer to get used to in your mouth. This could be because I already had invisalign and within a few days I barely noticed my traditional braces, but invisalign fits over all your teeth, meaning your tongue has to relearn how to talk with them in.

My treatment time was quoted the same by my doc when I started treatment. Of course it ended up being longer because the invisilign wasnt able to correct all of the crowding.

Invisalign was more for me, about $1000 more. I justified it by knowing that no one else would see the braces. And honestly, only a few people ever noticed them, or ever told me they could notice them.

The last question, would he be better off with regular braces, is one only your orthodontist, invisalign, and he can answer. If it is important that they be invisable and good treatment is likely, then he'd be better with invisalign. If the shock of wearing metal braces all of the sudden isnt too much for him and pain isnt a big issue, then go with plain metal.

Hope some of this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions and I'd be glad to answer them!
2 year Invisalign patient graduated to ceramics to finish up treatment

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