Has Anyone Else Done the Kaiser survey?

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Has Anyone Else Done the Kaiser survey?

#1 Post by Lilypad »

I'm just curious, has anyone one else done the Kaiser survey on Invisalign?????

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#2 Post by John37 »

I got 2 emails about it, but I wasn't sure if it was spam. So I didn't take it.

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#3 Post by Leelee »

Same here. I initially went to do it, but it stated that you needed to have 1-3 trays left to qualify. Once I changed it, to see what would happen, it asked for my address, phone number and the Dentist's name. I'm not entering that info into a screen from an embedded link in a PM from someone I don't know for a $35.00 Amazon gift card. But that's just me :wink:
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#4 Post by Wobblydeb »

I went to do it, but got kicked out quite quickly as not qualifying because I wasn't in the USA...
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#5 Post by lomdogs »

I did the survey and haven't received anything. Actually forgot about it. Hmmm.... :?

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#6 Post by djrobsd »

I didn't qualify, but I think the owner of this message board should disable/ban the person who is sending unsolicited PM's to people on this site, as it's not really cool.

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#7 Post by Lilypad »

Just to let you all know, I HAVE recieved my Amazon $35 gift code for doing the survey! Yay! Ok.....off to shop. :lol:

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