Dawn Direct experiment for cleaning Invisalign

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Dawn Direct experiment for cleaning Invisalign

#1 Post by MightyMouth »

I am, unfortunately, a tea-aholic, much to my dentist's displeasure. Honestly, going into the braces, I had no idea the braces could be stained.

I drink the tea irregardless. It's not usually noticeable for about a week. Then I start to get paranoid when I'm smiling and such.

Anyway, I love Dawn Direct for my plasticware in the kitchen. It's like a miracle...takes spaghetti sauce off in a snap. So I decided to try it on my braces tonight. I think it helped. They're not perfect, but I think they're clearer.

Anyone else tried this? If you haven't...and you have some on hand...check it out and let me know what you think.

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#2 Post by djrobsd »

I was under the impression no soaps, denture cleaners, mouthwash, etc were to be used... Honestly I just brush mine with toothpaste, and I dont seem to have a problem. I usually take them out and just quickly (within 30-45 minutes) drink my cup of coffee, and I limit myself to 2 of those a day... I usually have one of them with breakfast...

On average right now I'm removing them for 1 hour in the morning for breakfast & coffee, 1 hour for lunch, 45 minutes for my afternoon snack and coffee, and probably 1-2 hours in the evening for dinner and ocean.

I seem to be ok changing trays every 2 weeks, so I think I'm getting enough time in, not the recommended 22 hrs, but close enough!

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#3 Post by teacher61 »

I have my food ready before I take out my aligners. I probably have them out only 45 min. a day. I brush them with toothpaste and sometimes run mouthwash through them. I have been doing this for 5 weeks now with no problem. I am on 3 week cycles with 10 aligners.

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#4 Post by MightyMouth »

That's great that some of you don't have a problem with stained liners, but for those of us who do...this really works.

I don't see how using a soap on the liners would hurt them. They are not that delicate. My dentist said I could use denture cleaner or even bleach to soak them. Perhaps Invisalign discourages other cleaners as a way to sell their own cleaner.

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#5 Post by scorpetteFL »

I just use tartar control/whitening toothpaste and they stay very clean. I've also used baking soda on them.

My top one just cracked the other day (yikes) but I've had it for nearly 1 1/2 months while I wait for my refinement trays.

Really hoping it doesn't break in two before wednesday.

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#6 Post by aussie »

i brush mine under running water & they're fine.
sometimes (rarely) i dont even get to brush them if in a hurry so i just rinse them under running water.
on the odd occasion i'll use denture cleaning tablets if i get the chance.

what are you guys doing that yours get so grubby?? :lol:
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Loving the invisalign, a great choice for correcting my teeth.

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#7 Post by bbsadmin »

Actually, my customers tell me that SonicBrite is better than Retainer Brite for cleaning retainers and aligners that are already stained or have white buildup. The SonicBrite powder is apparently stronger and works better for stain removal. Retainer Brite is better for every day cleaning where you are not trying to remove a lot of stains or white buildup.

Just my 2cents!

Both products are available at my webstore, www.dentakit.com.
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#8 Post by LoronDotCom »

I use the RetainerBrite tablets in the sonic cleaner for 10 minutes every morning. The sonic cleaner sounded cool when I got it but I don't think it has that much of an effect really since I have to do a few seconds of brushing under water to completely clean off the white stuff when it's done soaking anyway. But that routine has kept my aligners very clean throughout their use.

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