Invisalign cost in uk??

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Invisalign cost in uk??

#1 Post by alibaba »

For all those in the UK just wondering what your total costs have been? Im in Liverpool, my friend was quoted £3100 for the upper arch alone- I think this seems quite expensive, just wondering how others compare??

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#2 Post by Lollie »

Well I phoned my orthadontist (a couple of years ago now though) and they said it was £4500 for BOTH top and bottom, however I'm not sure if that seems right? and it has probably gone up by now anyways. I think it depends on the severity of each case?

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#3 Post by holograms »

For top and bottom my one cost £3600. Go to the drury lane dentist in covent garden, London

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#4 Post by Iwantniceteeth »

The average cost in the UK is £3600 for half arch and £4100 for a full arch. This is regardless of whether you need top, bottom, or both.

As as FYI my friend has recently started wearing an alternative brand of clear alingers. The cost for an 8 week course is £1500. However, the aligners aren't nearly as well fitting and invisible as Invisalign.

100 days left for me and counting!!

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#5 Post by diehard »

£4000 but there will be extras to pay 4 they will not start invisalign until
1st, consult and xray and moulds £155
2nd, any cavs filling £60 for silver
3rd, extractions which i think £60 a tooth
4th, hygienist visits every 3 months around £60 a time
5th, whitening when done £400

so total cost more like £5500 total, that means if you have treatment over 2 years its about £50 a week now thats scary with all this mortgage crap going on :cry:

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My cost

#6 Post by dr43 »

For me its £3450 all in. The only additional fee I had to pay was £40 for a tooth extraction. This is a fixed price for any number of trays available at Brighton Dental Centre

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#7 Post by diehard »

r u sure thats it if so uv got a bargin, i did not feel i could haggle with the ortho because my confidence was so low i was just glad to be doing something at last after 26 years of suffering :(

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#8 Post by jiggy4jrt »

Wow thats really expensive compared to the cost in the US. :shock:

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#9 Post by diehard »

hows this for stupid i could fly to new york buy electrical goods and back again at its cheaper than buying the same stuff from uk :roll:

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#10 Post by Wobblydeb »

The UK is a nightmare for high prices. I've had one quote for £4k (both arches) so far - the North of England certainly aint cheaper. :?

I try and comfort myself with the fact that our dentists suffer the same high costs of living and hence need to charge these prices.

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#11 Post by diehard »

Fandabidozi a fellow northerner :)

Meanwhile, petrol in the UK reached £5 a gallon. That works out to be $8.37 per US gallon.

Americans pay around $4 a gallon.

I think we are all gonna have to be self sufficient in the future as everything from food to oil has gone crazy, but the western nations have brought it on themselfs by getting china and india to make cheap goods, which gives them more money to spend on more food and throw away the bicycles and replace them with cars which just happen to run on petrol. I can not believe nobody foreseen this happening :shock:

dam im done rambling now

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#12 Post by TigerLily »

There's a new 'revolutionary' dental clinic in London.

I noticed they had Invasalign, they say one arch from £2,750.

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#13 Post by diehard »

i thought where i looks smart but this place is stunning i bet its full of celebs :lol:

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#14 Post by aussie »

ouch & i thought our Sydney fuel prices were expensive, it's up to around $1.50 AUD per litre these days.

more on topic, my invisaligns have come in (YEWWW!) & I get them next Tuesday afternoon. I'm not 100% sure of the cost yet as I dont know how many aligners I'm getting (I do know its upper & lower though). But the rough estimate I've pulled out of the air is about $6500-$7000 AUD maybe? - Don't quote me on that, it's a very rough guess.

I'll post back next Tuesday with a more accurate figure.

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#15 Post by willcouchman »

I'm getting my Invisalign (starting today wooh!) in London, and my cost is £3500 (full arch would be £4500, but I'm just getting the front 6 teeth top and bottom done) - that seems to be fairly standard pricing in the UK.

I'm probably going to start a video blog to post to youtube about my Invisalign. Mine is quite a 'severe' case but is only 28 weeks (7 months) so should be interesting to see how it goes.


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