Does IPR hurt?

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Does IPR hurt?

#1 Post by michelle88 »

I'm done with mit upper aligners, and they are not really straight, so I got my refinement movie and I need 3 IPRs.
My dentist told me that it does not hurt, but he always tells me that (f.e. cavity) and it hurts.

So, can anyone tell me something about IPS? How long does it take? Does it hurt? Honestly? :?

Thanks a lot

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#2 Post by gs »

It really doesn't hurt! It just feels weird. Takes only a minute or two, depending how much they have to shave.

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#3 Post by Lilypad »

My IPR didnt hurt AT all! And I'm a big weinie when it comes to having anything done that involves my teeth. So don't worry about it, it is absolutely NO big deal! (the sound of the drill always does give me the willies a bit though). :-*

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#4 Post by Invisibeth »

WHAT is an IPR? I keep seeing it and don't know what it means!


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#5 Post by Coco212 »

It didn't hurt me at all, and I'm a huge wuss about pain! I actually didn't even realize he was doing it, I was just like wtf is he drilling? So don't worry about it, it's really no big deal.

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#6 Post by movie star smile »

I agree - I had to have it done twice and it's like 30 seconds and done - no pain at all.

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#7 Post by SharonD »

I'm glad to hear that this isn't a biggie. I have to have it done the next time that I go in on March 24th.

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#8 Post by invisible »

lkw130 wrote:....I believe the maximum they shave down is .3 millimeters.
My ClinCheck had me down for 0.4mm 6 times and 0.5mm once.
All for the upper arch and that is for the seven spaces in between the 8 front teeth.
That totals just under 3.0mm.

Does that sound a lot?
Does to me. lol

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