I threw up when I was taking the Invisalign impressions

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I threw up when I was taking the Invisalign impressions

#1 Post by lrlpalmer »

I'm serious... I think perhaps I was thinking too much. At first it started off with slight gagging. Then I tried to force myself to think about something else. The next thing I knew, I was puking with the mold still in my mouth. Disgusting, I know. The Ortho said: "Do you want me to take it out and start over?"
With tears in my eyes I shook my head no. There's no way I wanted to hold that gooky stuff in my mouth for 5 more minutes. Hopefully that won't have a negative effect on my molds.
To make the best of it, I'm a Canadian, teaching in Korea for a year. I'm getting invisalign from the only Korean Orthodontist who is certified for the treatment.

Let's hope that this first experience wasn't a sign of things to come! I'm kind of freaked out after reading some of these discussions about pain, in particular.

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#2 Post by Devushka »

Wow that is so great you will be able to do this abroad. I am from Canada too and had to postpone my trip abroad because of this whole thing. I now found out that a few doctors(and English speaking!) do the procedure in Russia but it would have cost more than what I am paying here so I guess Its good I waited....

Rotten luck about the vomiting! I have a really bad gag reflex and somehow made it through unscathed. It was a big worry for me too. Glad you didn't have to go through that process again though!

Congrats on getting started with this process! Keep us updated on your treatment.
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#3 Post by lrlpalmer »

Thanks! I'm so happy that I stumbled upon this message board. I think treatment will be so much easier knowing that there are other people out there who are going through and have already gone through the same thing!
My ortho told me that Invisalign is more expensive in Korea because it's imported... about $6000. However, because I'm Canadian he said that he would not charge me more than what I would pay in my own country. Mine is costing about $5000.

I have to say, I'm pretty excited about it all. I'm really looking forward to getting my first aligners and seeing whether I'm one of the ones who will have a bad or good experience with this. I'm praying for all good!
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#4 Post by gs »

Ugh, I know taking those impressions was awful! And I've done it twice (at the beginning of the treatment, and for my refinements). Don't worry, out of the whole treatment, I think that was really the worst of it!

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#5 Post by Lilypad »

The first time I had the impressions taken I had no problem. But, when taking them for my refinements, she had me bite down and some of the blue gunk went halfway down my throat! I actually gagged twice but tried to put myself somewhere else. Tahiti I believe it was, LOL. When she pulled out the molds, she said....OMG no wonder you were gagging. I have learned not to eat much before I go to anyone who is gonna have their hands in my mouth. :yuck:

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#6 Post by Festivus »

Had my impressions taken this morning! Not exactly pleasant but if that's the worst part for folks... rock on. Can't wait to get started next month, very happy with the treatment planning so far.

Big thankyou to everyone posting as I did alot of research on my own but hearing your experiences (good & bad) helped me decide to go for it.


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