Cost to ClinCheck

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Cost to ClinCheck

#1 Post by smileyCJ »

I'm based in the UK but would be interested in ideas from US as well.
Just searching Google have
£400 ... prices.pdf

Though both of these could be more depending on how their price guide is read.

All input appreciated :)

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#2 Post by invisible »

Wondering this as well

After seeing my Clincheck there are a quite a few issues that mean I might not proceed.

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#3 Post by diehard »

£4000 for both arches is normal price in uk and im in the north as well but there are other costs which can add up and they are:

fillings as ortho will not start treatment until teeth are in good condition, i think its about £60 for double extraction.

hyginist on a reg basis (3 months) around £60

retainer at the end around £85

whitening do this yourself do not bother paying £400 or more on a whitening kit from ortho

so i would say if you take in all the costs id say treatment will cost around £5000 in uk

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#4 Post by invisible »

diehard thanks for that

though I think what smileys after is the cost if you decide not to go ahead after seeing the clincheck.

I'm in that position myself after having seen my clincheck a few days ago.

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Cancelling at ClinCheck

#5 Post by invisible »

Get this guys.......

My experience upto the ClinCheck left a lot to be desired I wanted out.

The dentist tried to charge me £800 ~ $1600 to pull the plug
I knew this was a BLATANT rip off since I had earlier been informed (by the lovely receptionist) that it would cost £500 ~ $1000

After having to put my foot down so to speak, I paid the £500 and am glad to be out. Have lost all confidence in that particular dentist!
And for my £500 I have a ton of pretty pictures and videos of my teeth since I had insisted on getting a copy of my ClinCheck.

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