What is Your Invisalign Cost?

Discussions about treatment with invisible braces that use clear aligners, such as Invisalign, OrthoClear, the Red White and Blue system, etc.

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#16 Post by diehard »

all the extras that the americans get but we don`t will push up that price :)

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#17 Post by Chole »

I live in the Detroit area and will be paying $2800 for 20 weeks. This is after a $200 coupon I found in the Yellow Pages and whitening is included. Festivus - I totally agree! I blew through mine already in January and could only do $2500 as a single person. When I got it back, I payed my step-dad back for the $1000 I had to pay up front and put the rest on my credit cards :D

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#18 Post by John37 »

I am in San Diego, California. I am paying $5600. I paid $2800 up front and am paying $2800 on an 18-month no interest dental loan. Anyone that is concerned about the cost should inquire about a loan from their dentist or orthodontist. I have 28 upper and 28 lower aligners and am on #13 now. I was considered a difficult case, so I think my price was higher than other cases.

Edit: To clarify, I paid $0 for the initial exam. I paid $150 to have the molds made and sent to Invisalign to get the Clincheck made. I paid $2650 when I approved the Clincheck so they could make the aligners. The other $2800 was on the loan, so the dentist got all the money (my $2800 and the $2800 from the loan company) when I approved the Clincheck and they started making the aligners.
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#19 Post by legalcat »

Mine is costing $6,800....

12 months so 24 trays upper and lower
they said at the end of the 12 months they will do new casts and do probably 4-6 new trays at that time to adjust anything...

Everything is included except the retainer at the end...

There was no cost for the examination or anything... I had to pay 2,000 up front on the day of first examination/making the molds..

This was done in one appointment because I was already decided on getting the invisalign I just needed to get treatment info and pricing, so at the end of the consultation I went ahead and said yes and they were able to do all the molds and pictures etc...

So i have a balance of 4,800 which is paid $300 per month until its paid off... It took about 5 weeks to get them after the molds were done.

Also my insurance said they would have given me $1,000 towards it but I had to go with an ortho in their plan, but I ended up going to an ortho i really felt had an amazing reputation and I have a lot of trust in him as opposed to a random ortho that Ive never heard of...

A friend of mine started her invisalign yesterday, same as me, big coincidence as we didnt know the other was getting them...

She said that her dentist charged $5500 ($500 was a non refundable consultation fee and then applied to her final price) but did not offer financing and she had to pay the full 5500 on her credit card... also she said it did not include any new molds or trays at the end... just the initial 12 months..

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#20 Post by legalcat »

Just wanted to say I am also considered a "difficult" case... i have a lot of crowding, one tooth which is pushed back and overlapped by the teeth on either side, also i have a narrow bite and also none of my teeth line up when i bite down.. wow i sound attractive, LOL... my regular dentist does invisalign and he said he wasnt comfortable doing it and thought I needed to get regular braces.

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It coast me 6,900$ CAD for 42/24. I dont have to give a down payment. I give 383,33$ a month for 18 months. Its worth it to be able to smile. I would pay that to be abe to smile at leat once in my life.

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NYC - $7000

#22 Post by macgeek »


All inclusive. (xrays, molds, invisialigns, retainer, revisions, yadda yadda)

Worth every penny!

Jonathan (Brooklyn NY)

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#23 Post by djrobsd »

My orthodontist in San Diego, CA is charging me $5750 which incluides Invisilign and 2 essex retainers at the end. It's estimated treatment will take 8-9 months.

He offers payments with no interest spread out over the 8 months of treatment, with $2000 minimum down, so I'll be coughing up some serious cash for the next 8 months, but well worth it!!!!

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#24 Post by teacher61 »

This is the price for 10 trays at three weeks apiece. This is considered express.

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#25 Post by teacher61 »

$2700 for express for 10 trays at 3 weeks apiece.

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#26 Post by Leb »

I don't understand...why did I get quoted $9000 for 9 months top and bottom? I live in Toronto, Ontario by the way...but after reading all your quotes mine does not sound right. I'm getting ceramic braces today because I couldn't afford to pay $9000 compared to $4500!

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