Plastics / resins in Invisalign - are they really safe?

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Plastics / resins in Invisalign - are they really safe?

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I had to discontinue Invisalign treatment because I AM SURE that I had toxic sensitivity to the plastics in aligners. I got to the point several times where I was having trouble getting a deep breath and my throat was swelling up. Wanting the treatment so bad, I kept calling Invisalign and my ortho who kept acting like I was crazy. When I finally saw an allergy specialist and my internist they said STOP and this could be a toxic sensitivity or allergy. If you try to find any information about this type of sensitivity to Invisalign
1 - invisalign customer support will deny that this has ever been reported however they will send you an MSDS (material safety data sheet) with the chemical breakdown of what is in the aligner (not a big help unless you're a chemist)
2 - very indepth search of the FDA (food & drug administration) shows that there have been reported cases of severe reactions where Invisalign caused emergency room visits, problems breathing and discontinued treatment
When I finally told my ortho, I'm done, finished, no more and I don't care what you and Invisalign say, Invisalign working with the ortho provided aligners made with 2 other types of materials - so something tells me they had heard of this before.
Also, if you review their annual report you will see a short note about "product liability" .... from a recent Invisalign 10K ... "Our business exposes us to potential product liability claims, and we may incur substantial expenses if we are subject to product liability claims or litigation. Medical devices involve an inherent risk of product liability claims and associated adverse publicity. We may be held liable if any product we develop or any product that uses or incorporates any of our technologies causes injury or is otherwise found unsuitable. "
So most orthos are saying that Invisalign may be safer than metals which may cause allergies. However, I am wondering if we are really getting the full picture about the resins used. Every 2 weeks, a new dose of resins seeping in through your gums 22 hours a days ... hmmm ...

from Northern Californians against plastic website ... "The ubiquitous presence of plastics is already killing us. Exactly "how" is never going to be completely isolated. Eighty per cent of cancers are environmentally derived. When we wonder where the epidemic of cancer is coming from, can we say that plastics gave Ms. Jane Doe cancer? Perhaps, but cancer is coming from not only plastics and their associated toxins as well as from radiation sources, smog, the modern chemically tainted diet, household and workplace chemicals, etc. To say cancer is "genetic" is to put the onus on our intrinsic humanity, so as to ignore the 80% environmental-source principle.

The absolute proof that a case of cancer came from a particular cause or chemical is usually lacking, except in the case of certain rare cancers from identifiable chemicals. Or, a massive exposure can be blamed for specific cancers when it assaults a community such as Union Carbide's mass poisoning of Bhopal, India. The lack of exact, causal evidence clearly pointing to plastics, for example, when considering cancer, is most convenient for the status quo. This points up the faulty approach of focusing on a certain chemical villain, or set of bad chemicals -- as if the rest are safe and the technocratic bureaucracy will save us. The public is encouraged by industry to think a certain cancer is caused by overexposure to a certain chemical not yet regulated, so corporate profits can roll along in the context of technological progress that the public has been trained not to question. In reality, thousands of marketed chemicals and their combinations have not been tested to see if they are harmful.

Whether or not scientists can measure a substance should not be the point. What we don't see or detect can be lethal enough. Migration and release of plastics' chemicals into our food, water and skin is of little interest to the government and its corporate friends. But certain principles won't go away:. For example, polymerizing does not perfectly bind the petroleum chemicals together, especially when substances such as carcinogenic plasticizers are added after polymerization. Did you think that cute "rubber" duckie in the bath tub was harmless? Think again."

I am now wearing ceramic / metal braces for about a week - not one allergy or toxic symptom - not as convenient as invisalign and definitely more visible but I feel 100% better. I am not on a mission to discredit Invisalign but I don't believe they are providing the market, orthodontists or patients are getting the full story including risks from Invisalign to make an informed decision. that is all I am asking.

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#2 Post by Val24 »

Hello- I had this exact toxic sensitivity and allergic reaction, exact symptoms, and exact response from Invisalign. I posted in July when it became really severe and I discontinued use after six months. It is now the end of Feb. and I'm still having effects. I'd like to be able to contact you if possible, as I'd like to find and contact others who have had this situation. I could provide you with my email address if you'd be willing to talk with me.

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Re: Plastics / resins in Invisalign - are they really safe?

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Hi. The article is very interesting and thoughtful. It's obvious that large corporations won't change for organic and natural, because this production is too scrupulous. But concerning the duck ( made out of rubber in the bathtub), do you know that there is natural rubber and different types of it made of caoutchouc and early on in the industrial evolution we ( worldwide, lets say) had such ( less toxic ) production of rubber initially.
There should be some standards for food-grade plastic ( obviously not in invisalign (if I'm spelling it right) all MONOPOLIES in United states that is why a regular consumer doesn't choose what to buy. That's why standards are so very important , government laws?? never implemented, 'cause they depend on large corporations and monopolies.
But you must know all of that, obviously.

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Re: Plastics / resins in Invisalign - are they really safe?

#4 Post by Fairy »

Is there a difference in material with ceramic braces vs invisalign?

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Re: Plastics / resins in Invisalign - are they really safe?

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I noticed I was getting nauseated, head ache and body aches each time I switched trays. I began rinsing and then letting the new trays soak for a few hours prior to wearing them and I felt much better this last time. I hope it will keep helping and that it might help others sensitive to it as well.

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Re: Plastics / resins in Invisalign - are they really safe?

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[quote=robertak1 post_id=228680 time=1197328701 user_id=8885]
I had to discontinue Invisalign treatment because I AM SURE that I had toxic sensitivity to the plastics in aligners.

Have you obtained any hard data since posting this? I'm extremely ill and have been disabled since 2013. My systemic toxin levels are off the charts, so I'm wondering if there are others experiencing the same thing? Yes, we've POISONED our environment, food, water, and that MUST be reversed, but I also wonder what new chemicals were outgassing and possibly contributing to the loss of my health and livelihood.

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Re:SMART TRACK - INVISALIGN- ALINGER BRACES LEACHING Polyurethane toxins - are they really safe?

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Hello - Below is a brief synopsis of my situation. I started Invisalign clear braces on March 14 2022 took them out on October 5th 2022 after discovering that I was having a severe reaction to the material they use in the Trays a polyurethane which were leaching into my system via my stomach. I have had them out for 15 days ( please see photos of my face today) I am still experiencing severe pain and swelling in face. I have been to the ER 3 times in two weeks- at no point was I ever advised that all of my issues( which my GP HAS DONE EXTENSIVE TESTS OVER THE 8 months to try to understand why I was having all these issues) which started shortly after my Invisalign was implemented could possibly be from the Invisalign. I have a toxicology reports positively identifying the material INVISALIGN uses in my system which was taken in October 10. Align technology has only spoken to me once- help. The client agreement does disclose any these potential issues even though they were warned by the FDA for non disclosure of all of the hazards.

So I am updating again to my horrific experience with INVISALIGN poisoning. I needed you in the ER FOR THE 3rd time in 12 days today. My pulse was sitting at 209- ER tried all options to bring it down and finally tried Adenisone - which stops your heart. I have had trays out since the 5th of October- still have grotesque blisters in my lips - lymph’s are still Swollen jaw tissues still very irritated and swollen. When are all of these reactions going to subside- I am waiting on toxicology reports. But I have extensive comprehensive blood tests run in the last two weeks- I have had six- and nothing has come back abnormal.

I went to the ER on Saturday, October 8 after discovering that my Invisalign trays were causing me a severe adverse reaction. I had full face swelling blisters in the labs, tongue, swelling, I swelling, lymph node swelling, difficulty breathing, heart palpitations, migraine, extreme fatigue, brain fog. The ER doctor prescribed me 50 mg of prednisone I had removed the Invisalign trays on Tuesday night October 5. Saw my dentist Wednesday, October 6. The swelling was bad but persisted to get worse within my actual mouth and lips and lymph nodes. I am on my fourth day of 50 mg prednisone and the swelling has started to recede but the blistering which is in my lips and inside my jaw tissue is persistent, and ER doctor said it could take weeks for this to subside due to the duration of exposure from the Invisalign trays, which has been six months, and he could not tell me when I may return back to normal. When I first put the Invisalign in, I started to experience headaches had some swelling, but it would come and go as the months went on. I started to experiencing migraines severe upon waking up, severe, chronic fatigue, severe joint pain severe brain fog I was sleeping 12 to 14 hours a day. It has totally disrupted my life. My doctor has categorically logged all of these issues because we have done blood test and allergy test to try and figure out what the problem was in the whole time. The problem was the Invisalign tray , I have done research and found hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of other documentations of experiences like mine or worse. The Invisalign client agreement does not disclose any of these severe reactions being a possibility my dentist was totally unaware of any of these adverse reactions being an issue, and on the website, they do not disclose any type of adverse reactions. Had I had the knowledge to know that these symptoms were caused by the Invisalign I could’ve ended my treatment much sooner and save myself months and months of pain and suffering. ... id=4577830 ... da-warning ... salign.pdf

<Invisalign Material Safety Data Sheet.pdf>

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