anyone have speedbumps on front BIG teeth??

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Attachments/Speed bumps

#16 Post by Invisibeth »

I am a 41-y/o who just got Invisalign yesterday, and am very happy to have stumbled onto this forum!!

When I went for an Invisalign consultation, they told me there would be those attachments on my side teeth. Then, when they talked me into getting Invisalign on top/braces on the lower, they told me they wanted to fix my occlusion (I don't have a great bite). However, I have nice, straight teeth, with one front tooth begin to slightly (negligibly) cross over.

I read a lot, and decided that the occlusion was iffy *anyway*, phoned my ortho, and said forget it, only Invisalign on the top, no braces.

SO I go in for the fitting yesterday, and they look great- -much more invisible than I thought-- and he announces that they're putting the attachments on in a month!

I was really mad, and told him that they'd look like "braces" without the wire. He said no, then showed me another woman in the office with an attachment on her lower one. Sure enough, it was VERY visible. I said, "You're putting THOSE on my four front teeth!?"

He said it was for "rotation," but I got the feeling that he'd already ordered them for the long-run, and maybe was stuck with the bill.

I DON'T WANT attachments. What's the purpose of adult invisible braces?? From what I'm reading on here, others have had a really similar experience.

Did he simply pre-order them? Because I was really mad, and he was really shocked and said "If you dn't like them, I'll remove them and we'll reorder," but I can tell you now, I'm not going to like them!

I'm on tray 1/18...

Any advice??

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#17 Post by jeni »


Yes, all aligners (and the appropriate bubbles on the appropriate teeth for attachments) are produced at the same time and shipped to the practitioner. The practitioner has to approve the treatment plan before the aligners are produced. I think that a lot of us would appreciate it if they let us in on the treatment plan before it was set in stone. Some orthos do but it sounds as though many do not.

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#18 Post by Devushka »

I am fairly certain I am going to get bumps on my front two teeth(as they need to be shoved up a bit....I have large teeth). I am quite terrified about it. I am going to see my clincheck in a few days though so If I see that he has planned them on my front teeth I will ask maybe if there is another way, or if he could possibly put them on the back on the tooth(I have heard of this, don't know how well it works). And if worse comes to worse and I have to have them on my front teeth, then so be it I guess. Anything for the end result!

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#19 Post by Invisibeth »

Jeni & Meryaten,

Thanks both for your reply. Unfortunately, Jeni's comment made me realize what has happened: when I told him I'd 'changed my mind about what I wanted, he'd already ordered the aligners. I had no idea. I assumed they were made every 2 weeks, then shipped to my ortho. So, when i said I changed my mind, it meant: no lower braces, and no bumps. BUt since he already has the bumps....

Meryaten, I agree with your point about having nice teeth in the long run. However, that's not an issue.I don't NEED any of the additional treatment. I might "look" better if my teeth touched, but with the exception of one front tooth beginning to cross the other, I have perfectly straight, white, cavity-less teeth. If I wanted everything else corrected, believe me, I would have no trouble with getting full braces for half the price! But if these aren't invisible, why I am I paying $6500 for 9 months of treatment (18 trays)?

I have come to suspect that orthodontics is the new "cosmetic surgery," and some people would really want their teeth to touch. Quite honestly, I am really happy with my teeth except that one issue.

I'm really annoyed that I was talked into something, then only afterwards did they send me my "specs" with all these huge horizontal rectangles across my teeth. Which I shouldn't need, should I, to shift one tooth?

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#20 Post by Invisibeth »

I don't think you're being rude at all...I appreciate the input.

I'm more annoyed that when they originally were going to do this, it was WITHOUT the attachments. When they were going to try to fix the occlusion, they ADDED the attachments. I did some research (I'm a professional researcher) and discovered that what they were trying to do was not very feasible without braces. I called him up, had a chat with him (nice guy, really), and explained that I realized that if they do the full work-up, it's pointless without full braces, and I'd decided against it (there is no medical reason that I have-- no headaches, no grinding, nothing).

He understood, and agreed that he saw my point and let's not do the braces since the efficacy of the protocol is quite limited.

Except the speedbumps are still in future lines. I'm wondering if it's because, i guess, they had already been ordered. When I asked, he didn't really have a clear reason. THAT was annoying.

Thanks again for your input!

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#21 Post by SayCheez »


I've been a lerker since August (that's when I got my trays) I have 23U and 11L - currently on 11/23U 11/L no refinements so far.

I have a 5 attachments, 2 being on my front teeth. I guess you can say that my othro infromed me but I forgot so when I went in to get them on I was surprised and kinda pissed too. I mean I went through 2 trays w/o any attachments then all of a sudden! Blam! rectangles on my teefs! lol

And to make matters worse, the assistant putting the attachments on my teeth said "whoa, you got them on your front teeth?! That's rare!" Not cool.

ok so I got them, put my trays in and I noticed them! I was pissed because one of the main reasons I decided to get invisalign was so that no one could know. after a few days, when the little fog in the attachments left, I didnt even notice them. Not even co-workers! I was sooo happy

I think one of the reasons the attachments on their is so they can stay on and move the other teeth. I had a huge gap, buck teeth on top and a little crowding on the bottom.

Each tray Im falling more more in love with my smile. I regret not doing this sooner (im 25 yrs old). Im like this :D all day now! I never showed my teeth before invisaligh.

I'll try to post pics of my smile so those of you who are worried about ppl seeing these attachments - believe me, 97% of ppl wont notice it.

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#22 Post by legalcat »

Hi everyone.

I am only on my first tray. When I did the consultation and trays etc... I was NOT told anything about attachments or also that some of my teeth would need to be shaved down... when i went back to get the trays the first time when they came in... when the assistant was setting me up with the first set of trays she said ok today the ortho is going to shave down between 4 of your teeth, this is the first I heard of this...

but then when he came to do it the teeth were too tight together so they told me ok you have to come back in 4 weeks, we have to put spacers between 4 of your teeth, when you have the spacers in for 1 week you wont wear the tray on the bottom where all the spacers are, then you will come back in a week and we will shave between 4 of the teeth all on one section...

then they will put the attachments on... I think they said one on each canine on the top and then 3 on lower teeth towards the back... they had never mentioned that at all...

I was caught off guard... it seemed kind of a lot more than just wearing the trays which was what i was told... I guess I didnt research it enough when I was getting ready to do it..

BUT i would have still done it anyway... it was that or traditional braces and I think that the attachments with the trays is still more convenient than regular braces... it does sound like i am getting the little round buttons and not the bigger rectangle buttons...

Also they said they were going to wait until the last day of tray 2 to put the attachments on to give me time to get use to taking the trays on and off etc... they said its harder to get them on and off and so rather than do that from the start they would give me a few weeks to get used to them...

Actually I just went to look at trays 2 and 3 and they dont have any bubbles for the attachments so maybe i'm not getting attachments until tray 4.... hmmm...

My friend got hers the exact same day I did which was funny because we didnt know the other was doing it... she got her attachments on the first day and she was having a really hard time getting them on and off...

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#23 Post by scorpetteFL »

I've got them on both upper front teeth now - I didn't until refinement. You get used to them. By the time I got them I was so frustrated with my lack of progress on the uppers that I wouldn't have cared if he made them neon green, I swear it...

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My thoughts

#24 Post by macgeek »

the 'shave down' was more like a good flossing with sandpaper
no pain, and nothing even noticeable.

The speed bumps. There tooth colored!

YES they are annoying in my mouth (like I have something stuck to my tooth like peanut butter)

but there invisible to anyone looking at my teeth and the ONLY time
There noticeable is when my Invisaligns are out of my mouth
(and thats 2 hrs a day) and really only to myself.
I have asked my friends
(who are honest about this stuff, OY can I tell you a story!)

And the squares ONLY are really noticed if you point them out


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#25 Post by mcawful »

I know this is an old thread, but I have attachments on my four front teeth (6, 7, 8, 9). BUT, the attachments are on the BACK of my teeth, thank God.

I had never heard of this before, but I believe it's possible to rotate most patients' front teeth this way, as rotation tends to be less severe in front teeth. It's the canines and pre-molars that seem to need special torque from attachments on the front.

I'd definitely recommend for patients to at least ask about this when they see front-tooth attachments on their ClinCheck. I do have sort of a rogue doctor who does things a little unconventionally, but always with great results. I don't see why other orthos can't offer this as an alternative.
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#26 Post by aussie »

i have 9 attachments I believe (i get them in about 3.5 weeks), they will be on my k9's, the tooth directly behind the k9 (this goes for both right & left side and upper & lower) and finally one on my front right tooth.

when i found out i had to get the one on my front right tooth i was slightly annoyed at first. but after a bit of time & thought i realise it wont be as noticable to people as i may think it will be and overall i still prefer the invisalign over traditionals.

so far i am very happy with my invisalign & nobody notices unless i tell them. i also dont mind the whole eating routine & am getting quite used to it.

all up i am 34 uppers & 20 lowers.

so i will have the front attachment for a bit over a year!

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#27 Post by John37 »

mcawful wrote:I had never heard of this before, but I believe it's possible to rotate most patients' front teeth this way, as rotation tends to be less severe in front teeth. It's the canines and pre-molars that seem to need special torque from attachments on the front.
I wonder if attachments on front teeth are to move them up, down or sideways rather than rotating them. Since they are flat shaped it seems like rotating wouldn't be a problem as compared to canines and premolars which are rounder (like cylinders). I only have attachments on canines and premolars.

Maybe you could have the attachments on the back because your tooth is flat on the back. My incisors are kind of concave on the back, so I don't know how easy it would be to place attachments there if I needed them.

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