anyone have speedbumps on front BIG teeth??

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anyone have speedbumps on front BIG teeth??

#1 Post by pearlie »

just wondering how common this is. I have 12 attachments and six of them are on the front teeth of my upper arch. I think they look ridiculous and wish my ortho would have told me about this. instead of looking like i'm not wearing braces, it looks like i'm wearing braces but too ashamed to wear "real" braces. i hate this.

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Re: anyone have speedbumps on front BIG teeth??

#2 Post by Ewok2000 »

I don't have any on my front teeth although I know that feeling you have. Before my treatment I knew I was going to have attachments but I assumed it would the round, circular ones but instead my ortho put on the rectangular buttons which IMO, are much more visible. I'm close to a year in my treatment so I've gotten used to them and I'm sure you'll do the same, hang in there!

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#3 Post by gmf214 »

I have one attachment on one of my front teeth, and I was really annoyed about it at first but honestly have forgotten all about it. No one EVER notices my braces, even with the big rectangle sticking out. I have a bunch of attachments that seem really visible to me, but people honestly don't see to notice them, and I think they still look better than regular braces - on the bright side, at least you don't have wires and elastics and all the yucky stuff to deal with. I hope you're getting used to them!

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#4 Post by pearlie »

Hi. I'm the original poster. Yes, I am getting used to them. I just wish my ortho would have clued me and let me know I would have them. I think I would have been a little more emotionally prepaired. I've had them for almost two weeks and I'm about to switch to my next aligner. I made an appointment w/ my ortho for this friday to discuss this, but I'm thinking about cancelling that and just dealing with it. what do you think?

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#5 Post by Dawna »

I also have the big rectangular attachments, but not on my front teeth. Mine are on my canines and the two teeth behind them. I would have been pretty peeved if they put them on my front teeth without telling me this was part of the plan!

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#6 Post by prettybutterfly »


Trust me I know how you feel dealing with a similar situation!!! I felt just like you! Thank god I'm on nr 11 (21 L, 20 U) now and I feel so much better about my teeth alredy. Now that I see so much process it's not so bad anymore though I'm still super annoyed by this whole invisalign thing. But remember it's all going to be worth it and time will fly super quick! You'll be done before you know it and it'll all be over and so worth it!!!! Let us know what happens!

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#7 Post by pearlie »

it sounds like we have very similar cases. I have 20U, 22L. I'm only on #2 though. Do you have any photos?
I'm just really annoyed at my ortho for not telling me about these big rectangular bumps on my upper front teeth. I dont even know what they are accomplishing. my upper front teeth are fine! They are obviously not rotating my front teeth, so are they intruding? extruding? I have noticed that they're a lot more noticeable in natural light than cubicle at work. This does NOT make me look forward to summertime.

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#8 Post by invisagirl »

You could have them on your front two teeth to help the aligners stay on better. I didn't have any speedbumps on my two front teeth and once I started getting up there in aligners the aligners didn't sit right on my two front teeth. So I had like 2mm of aligner hanging down after my teeth ended and that took the "invisable" part out of the equation immediately :oops:

2.6 years (30 months) with Invisalign plus 19 months 2 weeks with metal braces to achieve the perfect smile.

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#9 Post by prettybutterfly »

hi Pearlie

Nope I don't have pictures at all! I couldn't even get my self to look at my clin check and didn't want any pictures mailed to me. Didn't like what I saw one bit! BUt I see a huge change in my teeth so that's great! I know how you feel about summer; Sucks!!!!! But it'll soon be over for good! That's all I try to focus on!

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#10 Post by torontoscuba »

Hey Pearlie et al,

I also have speed bumps/attachments on my front teeth. My ortho put the smaller round ones on the top, and the larger rectangular ones on the bottom probably cause those teeth are less visible. I have 10 attachments in total. I am also totally used to them and only my closest co-worker has noticed them. They do seem to keep the trays fitting snugly and there are never any gaps. I am also about to start nos. 11 of 20U and 22L. You will have to get your teeth cleaned more often as the attachments tend to stain rather easily compared to teeth enamel.

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#11 Post by dale »

Pearlie, I completely understand what you mean. I have 4 attachments on my most obvious front teeth! They were placed two days ago when I got my 2nd trays. I really, really dislike them- especially because I didn't know they would be placed there, because they are so ridiculously big and obvious, and because they make me look just like a kid with braces - which is exactly what I didn't want and why I chose Invisalign.

My ortho fooled me with my 1st trays, which didn't require any "speed bumps" and really were practically invisible. I was so pleased for those two weeks, and now I'm really unhappy!

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Attachments/Speed bumps

#12 Post by Invisibeth »

I am a 41-y/o who just got Invisalign yesterday, and am very happy to have stumbled onto this forum!!

When I went for an Invisalign consultation, they told me there would be those attachments on my side teeth. Then, when they talked me into getting Invisalign on top/braces on the lower, they told me they wanted to fix my occlusion (I don't have a great bite). However, I have nice, straight teeth, with one front tooth begin to slightly (negligibly) cross over.

I read a lot, and decided that the occlusion was iffy *anyway*, phoned my ortho, and said forget it, only Invisalign on the top, no braces.

SO I go in for the fitting yesterday, and they look great- -much more invisible than I thought-- and he announces that they're putting the attachments on in a month!

I was really mad, and told him that they'd look like "braces" without the wire. He said no, then showed me another woman in the office with an attachment on her lower one. Sure enough, it was VERY visible. I said, "You're putting THOSE on my four front teeth!?"

He said it was for "rotation," but I got the feeling that he'd already ordered them for the long-run, and maybe was stuck with the bill.

I DON'T WANT attachments. What's the purpose of adult invisible braces?? From what I'm reading on here, others have had a really similar experience.

Did he simply pre-order them? Because I was really mad, and he was really shocked and said "If you dn't like them, I'll remove them and we'll reorder," but I can tell you now, I'm not going to like them!

I'm on tray 1/18...

Any advice??

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#13 Post by jeni »


Yes, all aligners (and the appropriate bubbles on the appropriate teeth for attachments) are produced at the same time and shipped to the practitioner. The practitioner has to approve the treatment plan before the aligners are produced. I think that a lot of us would appreciate it if they let us in on the treatment plan before it was set in stone. Some orthos do but it sounds as though many do not.

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#14 Post by Devushka »

I am fairly certain I am going to get bumps on my front two teeth(as they need to be shoved up a bit....I have large teeth). I am quite terrified about it. I am going to see my clincheck in a few days though so If I see that he has planned them on my front teeth I will ask maybe if there is another way, or if he could possibly put them on the back on the tooth(I have heard of this, don't know how well it works). And if worse comes to worse and I have to have them on my front teeth, then so be it I guess. Anything for the end result!

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#15 Post by Invisibeth »

Jeni & Meryaten,

Thanks both for your reply. Unfortunately, Jeni's comment made me realize what has happened: when I told him I'd 'changed my mind about what I wanted, he'd already ordered the aligners. I had no idea. I assumed they were made every 2 weeks, then shipped to my ortho. So, when i said I changed my mind, it meant: no lower braces, and no bumps. BUt since he already has the bumps....

Meryaten, I agree with your point about having nice teeth in the long run. However, that's not an issue.I don't NEED any of the additional treatment. I might "look" better if my teeth touched, but with the exception of one front tooth beginning to cross the other, I have perfectly straight, white, cavity-less teeth. If I wanted everything else corrected, believe me, I would have no trouble with getting full braces for half the price! But if these aren't invisible, why I am I paying $6500 for 9 months of treatment (18 trays)?

I have come to suspect that orthodontics is the new "cosmetic surgery," and some people would really want their teeth to touch. Quite honestly, I am really happy with my teeth except that one issue.

I'm really annoyed that I was talked into something, then only afterwards did they send me my "specs" with all these huge horizontal rectangles across my teeth. Which I shouldn't need, should I, to shift one tooth?

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