Pain like I've never felt! 9th aligners

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Pain like I've never felt! 9th aligners

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3 days ago I got my regular dental checkup and cleaning, and switched to a new set of aligners (9th set - out of 18 sets). I have been in pain every since. At first I thought it was just the typical pressure type pain I usually get with a new set of aligners for the first couple of days. By the end of the second day though it was really hurting and I noticed that the pain did not seem to be with my teeth but with my gums. Specifically on my lower right side, behind my wisdom tooth. It's so hard to see there, and there's not much space behind my tooth, there's a bit of gum, and basically it's the crux of my jaw. Still, thought I'd tough it out, figured it was due to my back teeth moving or something. Well by yesterday (day 3) I was in excruciating pain by nighttime and I felt like crying. I could barely open my mouth, whether the aligners were in or not, and chewing any kind of food is a nightmare. I slept 2 hours last night. This morning I woke up and emailed the dentist first thing, trying to catch them before opening hours. Well I guess they're off for the holidays because no one's answered all day. I switched back to my last aligner for my lower jaw, but it only helped minimally. I took the aligner off, bottom only, a few hours ago, but it has not helped much. 3 advil later, I'm trying to get through the pain. I'm hoping this goes away! because the dentist's office won't be open until Tuesday, and they're only open that one day and then closed for two weeks I think for the holidays. I can't deal with this!

Has anyone experienced anything like this? I'm worried that my gum is infected or something. Would the aligner possibly cause this??

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im no expert and i live in uk but can u not go to a hospital that has private dentist or something and ask for a check up i know it will cost but there must be someone because people need emergency treatment

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