Invisalign Allergy Side effects upper respiratory symptoms?

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Re: Invisalign Allergy Side effects upper respiratory symptoms?

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Hello - Below is a brief synopsis of my situation. I started Invisalign clear braces on March 14 2022 as healthy active 49 yo I took them out on October 5th 2022 after discovering that I was having a severe reaction to the material they use in the Trays a polyurethane which were leaching into my system via my stomach. I have had sinus issues( as in my sinus were swollen closed) swelling of lymph and glands all over my body, blistering inside my mouth and lips. Severe migraines, joint pain, rashes all over, severe fatigue, brain fog, whole body inflammation, depression ( never before INVISALIGN) chronic cough, heart palpitations( so severe I went to ER and had to administered endosione to stop my heart and correct heart rhythm, los of hair and eye lashes, blurry vision, drooping eye lids.

I have had them out for 7 weeks — I have developed what my dentist is calling lesions - I would refer to them as cyst like - they are all along my lower jaw line, chin and neck, they are pea sized and hard. Then I have two areas midway on face where sub- tissue is swollen and lumpy moving up towards my cheekbones ( it looks like was hit in the face. I am going to see an oral surgeon Monday as my dentist is very concerned about their shape and texture. s tone goes on i am getting more of the pea-sized cysts and I still have blister spots all alongs my lips inside and out but they are hard as well.

This after experiencing severe pain and swelling in face. I have been to the ER 3 times in two weeks- at no point was I ever advised that all of my issues( which my GP HAS DONE EXTENSIVE TESTS OVER THE 8 months to try to understand why I was having all these issues) which started shortly after my Invisalign was implemented could possibly be from the Invisalign. I have a toxicology reports positively identifying the material INVISALIGN uses in my system which was taken in October 10. Align technology has only spoken to me once- help. The client agreement does disclose any these potential issues even though they were warned by the FDA for non disclosure of all of the hazards.

So I am updating again to my horrific experience with INVISALIGN poisoning. I needed you in the ER FOR THE 3rd time in 12 days today. My pulse was sitting at 209- ER tried all options to bring it down and finally tried Adenisone - which stops your heart. I have had trays out since the 5th of October- still have grotesque blisters in my lips - lymph’s are still Swollen jaw tissues still very irritated and swollen. When are all of these reactions going to subside- I am waiting on toxicology reports. But I have extensive comprehensive blood tests run in the last two weeks- I have had six- and nothing has come back abnormal.

I went to the ER on Saturday, October 8 after discovering that my Invisalign trays were causing me a severe adverse reaction. I had full face swelling blisters in the labs, tongue, swelling, I swelling, lymph node swelling, difficulty breathing, heart palpitations, migraine, extreme fatigue, brain fog. The ER doctor prescribed me 50 mg of prednisone I had removed the Invisalign trays on Tuesday night October 5. Saw my dentist Wednesday, October 6. The swelling was bad but persisted to get worse within my actual mouth and lips and lymph nodes. I am on my fourth day of 50 mg prednisone and the swelling has started to recede but the blistering which is in my lips and inside my jaw tissue is persistent, and ER doctor said it could take weeks for this to subside due to the duration of exposure from the Invisalign trays, which has been six months, and he could not tell me when I may return back to normal. When I first put the Invisalign in, I started to experience headaches had some swelling, but it would come and go as the months went on. I started to experiencing migraines severe upon waking up, severe, chronic fatigue, severe joint pain severe brain fog I was sleeping 12 to 14 hours a day. It has totally disrupted my life. My doctor has categorically logged all of these issues because we have done blood test and allergy test to try and figure out what the problem was in the whole time. The problem was the Invisalign tray , I have done research and found hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of other documentations of experiences like mine or worse. The Invisalign client agreement does not disclose any of these severe reactions being a possibility my dentist was totally unaware of any of these adverse reactions being an issue, and on the website, they do not disclose any type of adverse reactions. Had I had the knowledge to know that these symptoms were caused by the Invisalign I could’ve ended my treatment much sooner and save myself months and months of pain and suffering. ... id=4577830 ... da-warning ... salign.pdf

<Invisalign Material Safety Data Sheet.pdf>

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