Invisalign Allergy Side effects upper respiratory symptoms?

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#16 Post by John37 »

I have always used the plastic hook they gave to to get mine off. My fingernails are too thing to grab things with; I'm scared they will get pulled up and hurt. With the hook I can grab the outer or inner side of the aligner and get it off the attachments.

About the original question...
When I started Invisalign I noticed I used to have a slightly sore throat and I'd cough up phlegm every morning. After reading this thread I realized I haven't had this for a few months. I'm on 14/28 top and bottom now. So the throat thing went away. I think it may have been from breathing differently and my mouth drying out perhaps.

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invisalign allergy sore throat

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I've been wearing both upper and lower for over 1 year, no problems, very happy with results...for the last four trays i've noticed sore throat and swelling around eyes...ENT doctor thinks allergies which Ive never had in my life...put me on prednisone oral and nasal steroids...4 days with little improvement...thanks to all of these informative posts ,I will try taking trays out and followup...thought I was losing it...even got a CT of the neck because i was having trouble breathing at night...thanks for this great info...and thanks whomever put this blog together...great stuff

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Geez, there are lot of side effects on wearing invisalign

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I like the side effect of becoming slightly hotter :lol:

My ortho rinses the new aligners before he puts them in my mouth, so I've been doing the same thing. But I have a fear of dangerous factory chemicals, I even wash new underwear before I use it. Hehe.

My worst side effect was a terrible migraine I got the 2nd day of my first aligners. I was horrified, I had to take them out and luckily it passed almost right away.. but Invisalign would really be a pain if I got a migraine for every new aligner!

Luckily, it has only happened on that aligner and one other out of 17 now, and it has helped to take them out for a while and take migraine pills/pain killers and put them in again when the "attack" is totally over.

What I'm wondering about is if anyone got cavities or stuff like that? I keep reading that you're more likely to damage your teeth with acidic drinks etc because of the trays, and people seem to cheat all the time (I know I do). I've also read recently that you're not supposed to brush right after acidic drinks because it will only worsen the effect, but I've been drinking my juice every morning and brushing right after :shock: I fear my teeth will just erode, I know I have a weak/thin enamel from before!

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#20 Post by clinchick »

yes-- allergies. I put in the first set and had a rash on my chin and cheeks around my mouth. Hives, really itchy. Then with the second set, even though I brushed them to get the cloudy stuff out before I put them in, I got what I thought was a horrible allergy attack. Now I just feel sick. I wake up with a scratchy throat most mornings. Sometimes they make me gag.

I love Invisalign, though. People already notice my teeth are moving! Just hoping that these weird physical side effects subside as my body gets used to them.

Anyone know what the disinfectant on the trays is called?

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#21 Post by PaulInc »

The dust is probably the powdered acrylic plastic from the sanding pebble bath the aligners go through. They're already treated and sterilized before being sealed in the packet.

The aligners are made of medical grade Acrylic THIS IS SPAM PLEASE REPORT IT TO THE ADMINISTRATOR. THIS IS SPAM PLEASE REPORT IT TO THE ADMINISTRATOR. THIS IS SPAM PLEASE REPORT IT TO THE ADMINISTRATOR. THIS IS SPAM PLEASE REPORT IT TO THE ADMINISTRATOR.. I don't know the numbers, but i imagine the probability you're having an allergic reaction to medical grade acrylic is incredibly low. Presumably that would be one of the reasons why they use it.

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dry mouth/mouth ulcer

#22 Post by nebe »

I am on tray number 9 of 10 for uppers and 9 of 14 for lowers. I have terrible dry mouth. Suspect it comes from - don't htink it is related to Invisalign. I also developed a deep/painful mouth ulcer in my upper palate. I have had the ulcer for almost 3 months. My dentist referred me to an oral surgeon who biopsied the ulcer - everyone thought it was possibly pre-cancerous. Pathology report came back no malignancy, just severe inflammation. My dentist is very concerned that it is not healing. I think the ulcer is also from the invisalign trays. Dentist, orthodontist and oral surgeon seem suprised. They don't think there is any connection. Has anyone experienced this? I have neer had this type of ulcer before in my life.

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dry mouth

#23 Post by nebe »

I noticed one of the sentences in my post had typos. I meant to say I believe the dry mouth comes from the Invisalign braces - my dentist and orthodontist are suprised. They don't think there is a connection.

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Allergy to Invisalign

#24 Post by porterclint »

I just started invisalign six days ago. Within 48 hours I felt a bit of a sore throat, my lymph nodes were swollen in my neck and I had a rash on my abdomen. I don't ever get rashes. It's a little better now and it's four days later. Not much though. Now my lymph nodes in my neck feel normal but the ones in my groin are swollen. What's going on? Could I be allergic to these trays? That's the only thing that's changed or that I've come into contact with.

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#25 Post by johnnyk »

no side affects here.. just the occasional sore tooth :wink:

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Allergies, sore throat and coughing

#26 Post by gfalke1 »

Thank God for this forum! I'm struggling with my Invisalign. I've been wearing lower trays for 16 weeks and just added the upper tray. It's been a week and I cannot stop coughing. It's felt like a low grade cold that won't go away. But finally the light bulb came on over my head. I stop coughing when the aligners are out.

Further, my dentist never told me about the buttons. I have six below, two above. They are making me insane. I feel like a have bits of nasty hard food stuck in my mouth 24/7. The insides of my mouth are raw if I have the aligners off for even a few minutes... but now it's the only way I can stop coughing. And they are super obvious and disgusting looking.

I'm driving myself crazy. I've spent so much money. I'm nearly halfway through. My dentist insists she has never had a patient with ANY of these problems, much less all of them at once. How in the hell am I going to hang in there until June?!?

FYI, I had full metal braces for four years as a teenager (13 through 17) and I never had problems like this. But after 30 years my teeth had moved and they were starting to hurt, so I had to do something.

I just wish my dentist had been more forthcoming. That is what I am really angry and disappointed about. The minute I'm done with this, she's lost a patient - a patient of 15 years.

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#27 Post by myhollywoodsmile »

I get a slight sore throat at the beginning of each new aligner. I try and rinse them to make sure that I get the white stuff off that gets left in the factory.

As for getting them out I got a very good tip from a reader of my blog the other day. She wears those fine latex slightly powdered gloves that you can buy in boxes of 200 at the supermarket and claims that those make them easy to grip. Sounds like a great idea to me!

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#28 Post by ebee »

I thought it was just me ! Everytime I get a new aligner at the orthodontist I get congested and have a sore throat, when I put the new ones in at home I always clean them first. I guess that's why it only bothers me when the dentist puts them in.

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#29 Post by curlew »

As this thread has been bumped and I now wish I'd seen it earlier, I would agree with what is said here about pre-cleaning new aligners. I got a sore throat within a a couple of days of my first tray, which I had used straight from the packet - within a week this developed into a cough and congestion, which was a poor introduction to this aligner experience. Like others here, I had not had a cold for years, and considered the coincidence odd, but assumed it was bad luck with a cold. When it happened again with the fourth tray, and took weeks to clear a deep cough (I ended up at the GP), I thought it might be related to something on the aligners; I'm now careful to thoroughly clean each one prior to use, it's not recurred so far.

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#30 Post by bbsadmin »

This is really disturbing to read about. I wonder if anyone at Align Technologies knows about this common "side effect" and what their comment might be? Would they consider this "anecdotal" and dismiss it, or would they own up to the fact that something in the manufacture of their aligners is causing some people upper respiratory problems unless the aligners are thoroughly cleaned beforehand?

Docs on this board -- do you tell your patients to clean their aligners before first use?

Patients - do your orthodontists or dentists tell you to clean the aligners before using them?
I'm the owner/admin of this site. Had ceramic uppers, metal lowers ~3 years in my early 40's. Now in Hawley retainers at night!

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