Invisalign Allergy Side effects upper respiratory symptoms?

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Invisalign Allergy Side effects upper respiratory symptoms?

#1 Post by hdlnr2001 »

Has anyone else had any particularly strong side effects from invisalign usage? After a couple of days of initially wear my invisalign trays, I got a sore throat and associated cough. I also had a nauseated stomach during week two. After about a month, the coughing subsided, but I couldn't get rid of the sore throat. I went to the doctor (general practitioner) and he thought I had an allergic reaction and I am now taking allergy medicine. It does a decent job; my throat is still irritated, but tolerable. It gets worse by the end of the day if I have done a lot of speaking. During the second month (and still today), however, my throat pain has extended all the way to my upper chest, which is an alarming feeling.

Has anyone else had this severe of a reaction? I just seems so crazy to me because I have never been allergic to anything else in my life. I'm currently on tray 7 of 11 for the bottom and 7 of 39 for the top. Not sure if I can handle a sore throat for another 15 months!

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#2 Post by hdlnr2001 »

I should note that, other than the side effects listed above, I am extremely happy with the invisalign results thus far.

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YES- invisalign side effects

#3 Post by Val24 »

hello, i joined this forum for this purpose. i began using my invisalign in march and soon developed "allergy" type symptoms, specifically congestion, fatigue, sore throat. i went to a GP and was told i had allergies. the problem worsened over the course of my treatment, as you say, and it spread to my lungs in that i began having difficulty breathing and was diagnosed as having asthma. i've never had asthma or been allergic to anything in my life. all of the allergen tests (180+ samples) showed i had no allergies. my asthma physcian believes that my asthma was caused by an allergic reaction possibly to the aligners. i'm now taking prednisone to try and stop the asthma cascade of inflamation of my lungs and asthma. it has been a week since i stopped using the aligners. i need to know if others have had this issue. my dentist confirmed with the company today that there have been other complaints.

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#4 Post by waiting2smile »

whoa that is kinda scary. :shock: In the beginning I had the sore throat but I think for me it was because I was swallowing so much due to having something foreign in my mouth. This only lasted a few weeks though, once I got used to the aligners the sore throat just went a way.

Please do talk to your ortho about this, maybe its worth him discussing with your doctor to get to the root of the issue. 15 months is a long time to constantly feel lousy.

Best of luck and take of yourself!

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#5 Post by Sue21 »

Is your sore throat most noticeable at the beginning of each aligner?

On another message board I frequent, SEVERAL people mentioned having a sore throat and feeling like they were getting sick when starting a new tray. One patient's ortho said it has something to do with the coating that Invisalign puts on the aligners to keep them disinfected.

Try this--it worked great for me:

Before putting in a new aligner, brush it with toothpaste lightly and then soak it for ~30 minutes in denture cleaner. I like Efferdent with Listerine.

No more sore throat!

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wow! @_@

#6 Post by aangita »

i was already sick when i got my aligners... so i dont know but if it continues i will update! @_@

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#7 Post by jeni »

I have found that if I put my hands in my mouth too much without washing them that my throat will start to get sore. I am not saying that I do this all the time. 90% of the time, I make a very concentrated effort to wash my hands before handling my aligners. It is generally the result of taking the aligners out for too many snacks. The sore throat is my indicatation that I am getting too lazy or need to cut down on snacks.

But, I have heard of people being allergic to the aligners or the cleaners used as well. Make sure you stay well hydrated, also. Whenever my mouth is dry, the aligners are so much more noticable (and therefore annoying) to me.

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#8 Post by sophiebomb »

I got those very allergy symptoms but only when I had the prints made. I ended being allergic to one type of sillicon in the paste used to create prints...

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#9 Post by jennicakes »

hi, i'm new to invisalign. this message board gives me so much great advice, so thanks! i have had my aligners for a week now, and am horribly sick! It started as a sore throat, but now i have a bad cold that has lasted for two days so far. I know it is from the invisalign, because i NEVER get sick. i am worried i am allergic to them. I do work in retail though, and am costantly in contact with dirty hands and money, and have been taking my aligners out frequently at work. So, this could be the reason. I will try soaking them though, and washing my hands with anti bacterial soap before touching the aligners. i heard someone say to use denture cleaner. what about listerine??? will this work just as well? also, has anyone else been this sick from the aligners?? if i am alergic, i don't want to be sick for the next year or so!

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#10 Post by jeni »

Welcome jennicakes. I recommend the "Efferdent Plus with Listerine" for cleaning since it has germ killing and cleaning all in one tablet. Supposedly, straight Listerine may damage/weaken the aligners. I have used diluted Listerine White as a soak on a few occassions if I feel that I need some extra germ/odor killing power.

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#11 Post by Lilypad »

I just put in tray 3/12 last night. Before i did, i really inspected the aligner. There was a noticable white cloudy film on it when i took it out of the package. The ortho had put in my first 2 trays so i had no chance to see this. I thought the first 2 had a funny taste for awhile. So this time i scrubbed it with toothpaste and a brush to remove it. I would imagine it is some disinfectant they use. Ick! Y'all might be having a reaction to this. So would HIGHLY recommend cleaning this off of each new aligner before you put them in. This is how i looked before starting invisalign :GapToothed: LOL cant wait to look like this! :HugeGrin:

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#12 Post by Devushka »

Well this bastards kicked, but I am bringing it back.

I just got attatchments today and they made me put the aligners on and take them off in the office so I wouldn't freak out when i got home and couldnt. Well I had trouble and my nail nicked my gums and caused them to bleed, and tonight when I took them off for the first time since then, again, it took 5 minutes, my nail is broken off and hurts and I nicked myself in 3 places, not just one.

Uggh. I have to go searching through threads to find peoples tips on how to get those things off. My ortho just said to start at the back and I did and it comes off the backs but not enough to take off the sides.

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#13 Post by PIMPmyTEETH »

Devushka wrote:
Uggh. I have to go searching through threads to find peoples tips on how to get those things off. My ortho just said to start at the back and I did and it comes off the backs but not enough to take off the sides.
devushka, try using a tissue or paper towel and start the the rear ends. i found that gently pulling off both rear ends and very gently pulling both sides out towards my cheeks and pushing out away from my face and down all at the same time was what worked the best. with that said, it's probobly different for everyone. the tissue/paper towel will definitely give you a good grip, though.

as for side effects, i am now slightly hotter. :D thx invisalign.
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#14 Post by Lilypad »

Ha Ha Ha Pimpmyteeth! LOL @ slightly hotter! :lol:

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#15 Post by SmiingsMyFavorite »

It was very difficult for me at the beginning, but very easy now - as long as my nails aren't down to the skin because I'm a biter!

For the tops, I push my middle finger down on the canine and then stretch the index finger down to the molar of the same side. So for me, it's better taking them off one side first.

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