44 and starting THE journey

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44 and starting THE journey

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I'm a 44 year old male. I live in Belgium. Two years ago my dentist told me I should check my front tooth (do a root canal treatment). Now two years later my dentist told me it should be replaced with an implant.
I'm very nervous and scared, especially because she told I might have to wear braces first. I have crooked teeth and should fix and align those first. I never thought I would have to start wearing braces.
Until now I still hope I will not need them and that it can be fixed in another way. I have made appointments for a second opinion AND with an orthodontist. It will depend from those two appointment to decide on what the next steps will be.
In the meantime I started reading and surfing on the internet to get as much information as possible. This is where the idea popped up to start a personal blog. This blog will cover all information on the different steps I will have to go through with text and pictures. I hope that this information will help others to decide when they have equal dental issues. I recently launched the blog (it is still little bit virgin but more text and info will follow) and it can be found here http://www.adultwithbraces.com Any feedback and info will be appreciated.

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