Double jaw surgery for Class II & braces to fix deep bite at 29

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Double jaw surgery for Class II & braces to fix deep bite at 29

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Hey all!

Now that I can post links I will post links to my blog:

I had class II malocclusion: overjet of 7-8 mm (can't remember which sorry) and overbite of 6-7 mm (can't remember either). As a result I had a whole host of other problems like lip trap and lip incompetence which I could disguise most of the time so I seemed "normal" but there was always a constant feeling of discomfort and sometimes even pain. I also had traumatic deep bite which caused me to grind my teeth in sleep and often wake up feeling so tense and sore, and according to my orthodontist my teeth were in starting to show signs of wear.

It used to be worse, though. As a child I had a 10mm overjet and had a twin block treatment at age 11-12 to fix them we but moved countries at the middle of the treatment and I guess at that time my parents had better things to do so it was never really formally completed, though I was fine for many years but I noticed the first sign of relapse in my late teens but it never really bothered me until when I was in my late twenties. I also had a 'long jaw' (my doctors never told me the actual medical term but I suspect it's officially called 'vertical maxillary excess')

The treatment consisted of:
-jaw surgery: lefort I to retrude and impact(move up) my maxilla by 4 mm each and BSSO to advance my mandible by 2 mm.
-braces: to open up my deep bite, close gaps and straighten teeth.

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