Genioplasty Healing Confirmation

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Genioplasty Healing Confirmation

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Has anyone sought confirmation post-op that their genioplasty healed completely/correctly?

I'm 8 weeks post op from a 9mm vertical lengthening genioplasty with no graft. My surgeon repeatedly told me that by 6-8 weeks my genioplasty "gap" would be totally filled in and bone fused. I feel this is very liberal though, and I'm wondering if anyone who's had a genioplasty ever sought confirmation via X-ray that their healing did complete?

I read that larger movements (>7mm) take longer to heal, especially if there is no bone graft.

I intend to request my surgeon send me for an X-ray just out of an abundance of caution to ease my nerves but curious about anyone else's experience. Thank you.

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