SARPE asymetric expansion

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SARPE asymetric expansion

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Hi there

I had SARPE 5 weeks ago and at week 4 I noticed my right side only expanded and now the incisive is tipping forward and it looks as if the right side of my jaw has lowered. It really looks like an asymetrical expansion and I noticed the expansor seems only to push one side. On top of this one of the screws seems to be loose. I am seeing the surgon tomorrow - I was due to end my expansion in 3 days but the surgeon asked to stop until he has seen me tomorrow. I am very scared this asymetry and tipping and lowering are going to be permanent and I fear I am not going to get results I wanted.

I have a class 3 underbite and upperjaw crowed and small hence my plan has been SARPE then ortho to fix upperjaw and then DJS to fix the underbite. My orthodontist told me braces should be put in the second week of Feb.

Any help please from people with the asymetric expansion or that might know more then me about this.


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