How long does it take for a genioplasty to settle in?

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How long does it take for a genioplasty to settle in?

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I had a 7mm sliding genio a year ago for retrognathia and I've had nothing but trouble with it.

First the bottom lip was super tight and dug into my top teeth the minute I woke up post op causing a constant burning sensation that kept me awake. About a month later the burning was replaced by stiffness, tightness, pain, spasming and problems with eating and speech that aren't going away.

I can't chew properly, food gets stuck between the lip and teeth and I can't get it out without going to a mirror. With my jaw joints and extraction ortho it was already hard to eat, this has tipped me over the edge. I've gone back on a soft food diet holding my chin when I eat to keep the food out and my gut is upset I'm guessing because I'm not eating enough and not chewing properly. It's become such a production to prep, eat and clean after, it's like post op all over again so it's just the liquids a lot of the time, I'm so hungry weak and miserable.

Worst of all I look like a freak, it's horribly overcorrected, there are deep dents both sides that makes it look like I have no jaw and massive jowls, underneath and the fold has contracted in so now I have a bulbous lump for a chin, it's high in weird places and hollow when there's supposed to be bone. My mouth looks sunken in, my lower lip has rolled in and is crooked and the rhinoplasty he did has twisted, dropped, the nostrils have notched and there's a pollybeak deformity so I look like a toothless witch. When I smile I look creepy. I feel so ugly and disfigured I'm not leaving the house and I've taken down every mirror in the place, every time I see my reflection I have an anxiety attack and go into a complete meltdown. I used to work as a model and dancer till I started having joint and breathing problems, the surgery was supposed to give me back functioning and restore my appearance, instead it's completely robbed me of any femininity or attractiveness, I can't go back to work or socialise. I'm currently talking to a law firm about suing the Dr. Someone please tell my this mess is just swelling, settling or bone not filled in yet or that I can get it reversed, I can't live with this disaster.

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