Deviated septum + jacked up grill + scared out of my mind = HELP!

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Deviated septum + jacked up grill + scared out of my mind = HELP!

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Hey fellow jaw surgery people.

I have crowding, posterior crossbite, maxillary hypoplasia, and an underbite.

Had my first surgical consult, he was pretty nice for a board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon, he said we’re likely looking at a 3-piece lefort 1, 4mm plus a downgraft (missed the measurement he specified) w/ cadaver bone, plus a BSSO 2 mm but that could change depending on how I respond to braces. Could also be a 1-piece Lefort 1, only time will tell.

I’m honestly scared out of my mind, I’ve never even been to the hospital. Reading horror stories has gotten me to the point where I may stop the process. I don’t really have pain, just a tense jaw and headaches that I think are from my mother who gets migraines. (She also has maxillary hypoplasia so who knows?!)
I’m afraid I’ll be one of the people who comes out worse than they went in.

I also have a deviated septum that gives me pretty gnarley sinus infections sometimes a few times a year that the surgeon says he can fix + a turbinate reduction. I was considering a septoplasty + rhinoplasty because the infections are MISERABLE and I’ve always hated my Italian bulbous tip nose. I’m trying to use that as motivation. Also nervous about the soft tissue changes.

He says he does 3-5 orthognathic procedures a week (Aaron Liddel in Denver) and all of the orthos I’ve seen (3) say he’s the best. He’s out of network but I will change my insurance if I follow through with this. Is 3-5 a lot? I have no reference.

How many of you also had a deviated septum and did this correct it? I need to stop scaring myself and think of the quality of life I’ll have after I get larger sinuses. Trying to be positive but I need reassurance from those that have done or are doing this.

Appreciate it, guys!

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