Thinner upper lip and reduced movement

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Thinner upper lip and reduced movement

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So I’m now 6 weeks post surgery on both my upper and lower jaws. I’m fairly happy with how it’s all gone and the swelling around my face has massively reduced now, with just some swelling around my nose and cheeks.

The issue I’ve got is that my top lip is now thinner and I have reduced movement in it (e.g. I can’t pucker my lips to give my kids a kiss! And I can’t drink from a glass yet either, or a straw). Basically when I try and close my lips or kiss my kids, I can feel the stitches behind my lip at the top pulling... it’s as if it’s been stitched too short. Has this happened to anyone else? Did it resolve itself, or did you require further surgery to correct it (if it’s possible to correct!!).

Can’t imagine going the rest of my life not being able to at least drink from a glass properly, that would actually be worse than my original problem which led to the surgery.

I will ask my orthodontist, but don’t have an appointment til next week, just really getting me down at the moment.


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