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Anterior cross bite, class 3 malocclusion, over 40’s

Posted: Fri Mar 19, 2021 6:40 pm
by Sassysmile
Hi everyone! This is me: class 3 malocclusion, anterior crossbite- edge to edge. Orthodontics and four tooth removal at 12. Teeth are chipping and gums receding, but when I went to a maxillofacial surgeon in my small town, they took my insurance, told me ok, then billed me for 800.00 consult snd told me insurance doesn’t cover.

Since my bite is edge to edge, it doesn’t qualify for most insurance, yet my teeth are wearing down, my jaw is asymmetric and causing head and neck strain and flat midface and jutting out jaw have been plaguing me for 30 years now!!!

I don’t want to spend 40- probably 100 k in Ca- but would need at least a Leforte 1, BSS and genio.. I have definite aesthetic interests.

Family and friends won’t understand or support, but I’ve waited a lifetime and not getting younger. Am just wondering about others w similar bite and the decision to do this as cash pay and if it’s not immediately harming your life...

I know it’s risky and think about this a lot... wish it were easier to have good consults without having to pay 800-2300 for them (yes, I have been quoted that).

Hate to say it but cost is a factor when cash pay. And I think there are many comparable docs that would operate from 40-100k in Ca. That’s a big difference and not necessarily correspondent to expertise.

Mostly worried my family will judge me as they have helped me out financially and deem me unstable but none of them has this problem and they are very different from me.

Any thoughts? Recommendations for being able to find out a surgeon’s approximate costs based on kmowing these basics and or having an old cephalogram?

They are very evasive when you explain this, but I’m just asking for their ballpark averages and what they assume may be mine.

To do three scans in order to find out you can’t yet afford any of them is a no go and could cost me some 5,000.00

Would appreciate any advice- even that on out of state or country surgery in order to seek price and safety...

I really don’t want to wait a few more years...

Thank you!