Is jaw surgery warranted

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Is jaw surgery warranted

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I have an underbite with my lower incisors approx 1.5 mm more anterior than the top, causing me not be able to chew effectively with those teeth. I don't have severe TMJ issues right now but i'm worried that this may worsen with time and cause premature tooth decay. Also would like to improve my lopsided smile and side profile. Still unsure if that warrants such an invasive procedure however. Orthodontist recommended few months of braces/invisalign with likely a single jaw surgery (retracting mandible?). Still waiting for my surgical consultation. I'm also afraid my aesthetic would change for the worse after surgery.. Any opinions on whether this is even warranted and would it actually improve my appearance along with the function?

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Re: Is jaw surgery warranted

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I would caution you against this procedure in your case. People with a prominent lower jaw tend to dislike the aesthetic results from retracting the mandible. That said, it’s your face and is entirely up to you. I would just recommend that you search this forum for “regret” and read some people’s accounts who were in your situation.
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