Does genioplasty bring the tongue forward?

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Does genioplasty bring the tongue forward?

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:-1 My surgeon had told me that moving the chin forward brings the tongue muscles forward. This is good in a case of sleep apnea. Is it just the muscles at the back of the tongue that come forward or does the entire tongue sit further forward in the mouth, as in the tip being more forward?

Because I imagine this could potentially cause a tongue-thrust issue and/or speech issues like a lisp. Is that possible or no?

I am finding over a year post-op that I am biting down on my tongue during the night and it has created a posterior open bite. There may be some slight speech issues. But in general I must feel my tongue doesn’t fit in my mouth. I am considering tongue reduction surgery.

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Re: Does genioplasty bring the tongue forward?

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There's an article on this from 2003 called "Improvement of Facial Appearance and Nocturnal Breathing With Geniotomy (Sliding Genioplasty): Report of Two Cases." Apparently, the conclusion to this small study is that "advancement geniotomy is useful for sleep apneic patients with exclusively retroglossal obstruction secondary to mandibular retrognathia." I am not sure if there are any more recent studies but it sounds promising.

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Re: Does genioplasty bring the tongue forward?

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I believe the tongue muscles all come forward a bit, but no more than your jaw is being advanced. Note that I’m not a surgeon. One I consulted with re: sleep apnea also told me that it would pull the tongue forward. I got an SG but haven’t had that same issue. A night guard might help if you’re open to it.
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