Lantern Jaw Chimp Face, Second Surgery?

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Lantern Jaw Chimp Face, Second Surgery?

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Before surgery and after, three years later:

I had both jaws moved about 3 years ago. The surgeon insisted on mostly moving my upper jaw forward, which baffled me, my mom, and my orthodontist, yet I went on with the process due to time and money as I was heading to college a year from the first consultation. I was kind of reserved and didn't want to seem needy; I just didn't want to have an underbite. Once school started I came home for winter and summer breaks to make more adjustments on my braces and finally have surgery that summer. The surgeon didn't seem to be prepared and my absence didn't help the process. I never really had a clear idea of how my face would change, and I really trusted him. I didn't know a doctor was capable of doing so much wrong...

My TMJ pain is no better, and I'd say it's even more stressed now. My breathing through my nose is diminished and I find myself gasping for air when I forget to open my mouth. I can feel my face jutting out of my face. My brother says I look like Phineas and my other brother says I look like a Simpson. Love that for me.

I was just wondering if a second surgery would even be ideal or possible in my case? They moved the upper so far forward that I feel like there'd be so much sagging tissue and muscle. My tissue under my eyes was stretched thing. I certainly anticipate sagging under my chin. How does lantern jaw usually turn out? My surgeon was super insecure about his jaw surgery experience where he'd lost a lot of jaw definition and length to a wimpy chin, and didn't want that for me. Personally, I thought he looked good and would've preferred that over this. I don't know the technical limitations though, so any thoughts or advice?

My first consultation with another surgeon in my city is April 14th but I expect that to be delayed from corona virus conflicts. Should I get in touch with my last surgeon and ortho? (I'd have to get braces again.)

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Re: Lantern Jaw Chimp Face, Second Surgery?

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Sorry to hear that your TMJ and nasal breathing are worse and the aesthetics aren’t what you were hoping for. That said, you still look good as your midface better matches your chin. The surgeon might have been able to do just your chin, but I suspect that you would have hated the results. It seems that every patient on here who starts with an underbite or strong chin is mentally destroyed when it’s no longer as prominent. That could be what happened to your doc and would explain why he preferred to pull your midface forward instead. You could get a double-jaw revision, especially since your breathing is worse, but there’s a good chance you still wouldn’t be happy with the results because you’d suddenly think you have a weak chin. Maybe if the surgeon also did an SG to keep a bit of the chin? I don’t know. It’s a mental struggle to handle your new appearance, and I think you actually have very good results aesthetically speaking.
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