Overbite correction surgery and tinnitus

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Overbite correction surgery and tinnitus

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I had an overbite correction jaw surgery (02.11) and after the surgery I experienced tinnitus in my both ears. This started 2 days after the surgery. My surgeon does not think the tinnitus is caused by the surgery, but its strange that it started after the surgery. My swelling is minimal as for now, my lower jaw is still numb though. Sometimes I experience pressure in my ear and in my head, but it rare. I still have lockjaw, can open my mouth up to 2-2.5 cm. Did anyone experienced tinnitus after lower jaw surgery or can it cause tinnius. Thanks in advance and sorry for bad english.

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Re: Overbite correction surgery and tinnitus

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That’s the first I’ve heard of any link between tinnitus and orthognathic surgery. You might search the forum to see if there are any prior mentions though. That does seem like quite a coincidence! Maybe the bone saw was loud and caused temporary tinnitus?
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Re: Overbite correction surgery and tinnitus

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Kinda strange; my tinnitus was A LOT less after surgery. Could just be inflammation in the area due to the surgery. Could quiet down after a few more weeks. A few years ago a member had hearing loss due to TMJD issues. The auditory nerves and structures are millimeters away from your mandibular joints.
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