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Post Op from Surgery done Jan 28th 2020

Posted: Thu Jan 30, 2020 10:50 pm
by britkitt09
Hey guys! So I had my surgery! It wasn't to bad honestly. I didnt know what to think, but here are a few things I want to post so far. Might be able to help others and I will update to this thread as needed. So I am only 3 days out. My swelling so far seems have just stayed the same. Hasn';t gotten worse. My left side of cheeks and mouth are still numb compared to my right side which i can feel. I can technically feel my left side as well but it just has that numb sensation to it. I stayed in the hospital over night and let me tell you post surgical insomnia is real. I literally did not sleep for almost 2 days. I think it was also because I was so congested. I had to end up coming back to the ER yesterday just to get nasal spray. It was making me so anxious to not be able to breathe. So, after I got nasal spray and I took hot showers that really helped a lot. Actually just standing under the hot water really helps with pain control. I've gotten in the shower multiple times and it feels so amazing. My pain I would say is about 3-4. I just take the pain meds my doctor prescribed me as needed. Taking it just takes the edge off from the throbbing. I will say at times it does feel like I have a huge sinus headache bc pressure but I am sure over time that will go away. A few other tips. Keep ice packs on for the first 72 hours and after that switch to heat. Try to keep Vaseline on your lips bc my lips are dry and sort of have blisters on them, but not painful at all. Keep up on liquid uptake. I've had a ton of ensure, home made smoothies, water, juice, soup. I feel fine so far. So stay hydrated thats for sure! Other than that everything seems to be going fine. ooo, one more thing i was encouraged to take a laxative because all this medication and change in diet can cause constipation. Feel free to share any post op suggestions with me. I would greatly appreciate it.

Re: Post Op from Surgery done Jan 28th 2020

Posted: Sat Feb 01, 2020 8:37 am
by Mermaid
I have not had my surgery yet, so I can't help with suggestions, but I wanted to say this is fantastic to read. Sounds like you're doing really well, and I appreciate the detailed information about how you're doing post-op. Thank you for sharing.

Re: Post Op from Surgery done Jan 28th 2020

Posted: Sun Feb 02, 2020 3:51 pm
by britkitt09
So, updates!

Days 4 and 5 have been complete awful. Muscle spasms, haven’t been able to sleep, started freakin bc i felt like I couldn’t breathe. Than these major intense pressure headaches. I don’t if it’s because of the swelling or if the splint is to tight. My narcotic pain meds ran out and the doctor isn’t able to write a prescription for that over the phone. So told me to take liquid ibuprofen and actemenphsion alternating every 3 hr. its suppose to have the same affect as the narcotic they prescribed me. At this point my swelling is a a stand still. I’m just waiting for it to show signs of going down.

Still drinking liquids and I’ve lost 5lb already in 5 days. :shock: So definitely going to have to get more calories assumed. I’m honestly still somewhat week and just don’t have strengthen. Also taking liquid laxatives. The earlier the better.

I keep telling myself the worst is passing by because these last two days have been dreadful honestly. Worse than when I go out the OR.

Will post and update soon.

Re: Post Op from Surgery done Jan 28th 2020

Posted: Fri Feb 07, 2020 4:08 pm
by Mermaid
How are you feeling now?

Re: Post Op from Surgery done Jan 28th 2020

Posted: Fri Feb 07, 2020 11:28 pm
by britkitt09
Mermaid wrote:
> How are you feeling now?

Well, I am now 11 days post op and I honestly can say things have gotten better. I had my post op appointment earlier this week and the doctor said everything looked like it was healing well. So, that a plus. Some things that I did experience within this last few days have been extreme pins and needles sensation in my face. Most of my feeling is back. Only area where it is still a little numb is right under my left eye and half of my lower left chin and lower left lip. My the tingly feelings are just my nerves regenerating. Some of the sensation was intense. Like a burning sensation. That burning sensation happened all Sunday night. Like it felt like my upper lip was on fire, but by Tuesday I had complete feeling in my upper lip.

My swelling definitely has gone down since I first had surgery. If you look at me my cheeks are still slightly puffy but its really on my left side. I still use a warm wash cloth to place on the areas that are swollen. I feel it helps it some.

My splint and wires will be removed in another 3 weeks. So, I will have worn for a total of 4 weeks. This is the biggest adjustment to me. Wearing this splint. It just makes your mouth so full and it makes it hard for me to sleep at night. Like if I lay down I will get a sharp pain in the roof of my mouth and it has got to be from this splint and how I am positioned when trying to lay down.

Stopped taking pain meds around day 6. Now I have no pain.

This liquid diet gets old quickly. The best thing I honestly have had the last 11 days is the Frozen Lemonade from Chick Fil-a! I've been so happy drinking something before. LOL

Other than that everything else is fine. My doctor told me I did not have to return for weekly post op appointments unless I felt there was an issue going. He said he was content with me coming back in end of Feb for when I get my splint and wires taken off. Ooo, one more thing I now have nasal drip randomly. Other than that no nasal congestion or anything.

Will attempt to update again soon. Any questions please feel free to ask me!

Re: Post Op from Surgery done Jan 28th 2020

Posted: Mon Feb 24, 2020 12:02 pm
by Carno
Glad to hear it's progressing (even if it feels slow)! Hang in there!