Single vs double jaw surgery

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Single vs double jaw surgery

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So I am currently in Korea right now for the purposes of getting jaw surgery. I definitely feel like jaw surgery in Korea is a whole different world, there are many clinics specialized just for jaw surgery, and it is a lot more common, with many females especially getting it for aesthetic purposes. I myself have been quite conscious about my underbite for a while and how it makes look grumpy/angry from the side, so that is definitely one of my main reasons for seeking surgery (from the front, it is definitely harder to tell I have any underbite). Back in America, my orthodontist often said I was on the border case of whether jaw surgery would be worth it or not for me, but after making appointments with a few surgeons in Korea, because it is so common here, they definitely seem to be more open to it.

Which leads me to the question in the topic, which is whether to get single or double jaw surgery. Is there anyone here who had to decide between the two choices? I am mainly worried about how I would look post-surgery with either operation. With just a single, lower jaw surgery, I am worried if the issue I am worried about my side profile will not change that much, negating one of the big reasons I am doing the surgery. And with double jaw surgery, on the other hand, I am worried about my face changing too much, and if I may not like how my new face looks.

If there is anyone else here who had to decide between single/double jaw surgery, I would love to hear your experiences. And if you have any opinions/recommendations for me, they would also be appreciated. Thank you.

Some images of my face:
Side profile -
From the front -

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Re: Single vs double jaw surgery

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I suspect you’d do pretty well aesthetically with just a single jaw done, but you should discuss this with your surgeon.
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