Notable Gum Recession Eight Weeks After Braces Removed

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Notable Gum Recession Eight Weeks After Braces Removed

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Hello Fellow Posters,
I'm ~ 2 1/2 years post MMA and eight weeks post removal of braces. This past Friday, my back lower gum against my molar was irritated. I brushed and waterpiked and then really looked at my gum line. I was quite disturbed to see the gum line around my crown had split. I had noted slight recession before that I had related to the fact that my lower teeth are slightly tilted inward ( we tried for over a year to get them to upright with limited results). In any case; I saw my ortho who was unconcerned and saw my dentist who said most likely due to my teeth shifting. The dentist said the tear in the gum was likely due to something sharp that I ate. So the shifting back and forth I get. The gum line tearing has me a little freaked and I have not really had anything sharp in the past week. He also said "this was not something to sue the orthodontist over." Not sure why he said that because I was not looking to blame anyone I just wanted someone to reassure me or offer solutions possibly.

The dentist has recommended monitoring and waiting it out to see if gums recede any further. He said if I had a gum graft now it would likely recede further. I tend to agree with him. I am a little freaked though that the gum is going to keep tearing further kind of like a run in pantyhose. Any thoughts / reassurances would be most appreciated and then I can safely step away from the ledge...of freaking the F out. See below image. You'll need to look really close to see the split. The gray area is the tooth root??
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Re: Notable Gum Recession Eight Weeks After Braces Removed

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That sounds awful :(. My bottom teeth also have more gum exposure due to being tilted inwards... Ugh I hope it just heals up -I can't say I know anything about it, though.

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