Popping pimples, 5 months post op

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Popping pimples, 5 months post op

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To preface, I get anxious that if I look at my face wrong, it's just going to fall apart. So, bear that in mind as I post this question. I've posted a similar concern before. Just looking for people who have done something similar who can tell me about their experiences. I'm 5 months and 1 week (tomorrow) post op from a revision Lefort 1 & genioplasty. My original surgery was DJS (IVRO + Lefort 1 + genio). I had a revision because my bite healed in a weird way and created an open bite that was even more of a problem than I had before the surgery. So, because of this, I'm just anxious in general about healing. Anyway, I had one of those -brewing under the surface for a few days- pimples that finally came to a poppable (or so it seemed) head. I've been pressing on it for a couple of days now and can't seem to fully extract it. So annoying. No lectures on how popping pimples is bad for your skin haha. Anyway, I've given myself a bit of anxiety because it's on my cheek, by my nose, right where I imagine the plates are. I'm worried I've moved my bones around or something by doing this. Like in my mind, my bones aren't solid and are more like molding clay, and I've accidentally remolded things. Am I being completely insane? I'm just always so worried. I was literally diagnosed with PTSD after having gone through this twice, so sometimes, I just need some reassurance that everything is okay. Has anybody else had the same sort of anxiety after popping a pimple? Better yet, anybody popping pimples with no anxiety? haha I'd love to hear some different experiences before I send my surgeon another crazy email.

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Re: Popping pimples, 5 months post op

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Well I hope you didn’t send that email! Pressing on a pimple isn’t nearly hard enough to move titanium plates and screws lol. At 5 months, your bones are fused anyways.
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