Post-op unsusual complications. Is it serious?!

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Post-op unsusual complications. Is it serious?!

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At 6 weeks post op. Pressure was accidentally applied over top jaw... Was not excessive but i felt a snapping sensation and have been feeling it spontaneously for a few days until it stopped. I asked my surgeon about it and he told me not to worry about it and checked everything was stable and applied even more force to upper jaw to check if anything moves.
This week however the left side of my face started getting more numb. Mostly it is the left side of my tongue which wasn't numb prior to this. Also, some slight pain on upper front teeth. The left central incisor has the most pain and feels a little loose.
I hope I'm imagining this but there is also a a slight pigmentation over the gum above that same tooth.
I think my front teeth (4) are also a little grey looking.
The numbness and pain are increasing day to day.
For reference I had a segmental 3 piece le fort 1.

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Re: Post-op unsusual complications. Is it serious?!

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It’s really hard to predict the strange feelings you’ll experience during the healing process. Many people (including myself) experience phantom pains and weird altered sensations like you’re describing. It usually gets better, but it’s possible that there is some permanent numbness. If the hardware is well-secured, I don’t think there should be any new nerve trauma at this point. Do the parts that were segmented move when you push on them? If not, I would just recommend trying to put it out of your mind because you’re still 9 months or more from your nerves fully healing.
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Re: Post-op unsusual complications. Is it serious?!

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Hi There- I did not have any popping by applying pressure; I had serious popping in my joint with opening mouth and trying to drink. The popping eventually went away with time and ortho adjustments. It was pretty painful though when it happened. I would describe it as someone taking a rubber band, pulling it back and letting it go.

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