Braces making bite problems worse and unbearable

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Braces making bite problems worse and unbearable

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Ever since I got my braces on my bite got really bad, and they told me this would happen. Although they didn’t tell me it would get bad. I’m a little concerned because I’m having even more trouble eating, talking, and my braces are always indented in my lower lip since my lower jaw is so forward now which is very painful. In the beginning they said a year, but whenever I ask about it they tell me they don’t know it could take longer or less time. I don’t know how I’m suppose to deal with these functional issues if they keep getting worse, and I’m scared to wear my rubber bands now because they’re interact ones used to correct an overbite, and when I ask them why they don’t give me actual answers. I’m required to wear my bands 20 hours a day but my bite just gets worse and worse so I don’t want to wear them anymore, and they’re not giving me an exact time so I don’t know how I can go forward with this and the functional problems I’ve had in the beginning are just so much worse. Maybe I would’ve been better off not even going through with treatment

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Re: Braces making bite problems worse and unbearable

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Hang in there things will be better in the end and you'll have the rest of your life to enjoy your corrected bite. :rose:

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Re: Braces making bite problems worse and unbearable

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i know how you feel with the braces. I have the exact same problem with the only difference being that my docs managed to stay within the projected timeline. I was lucky for that. but, my underbite did get MUCH worse and it has become really unbearable for me . it has also worsened my tmj problems. so the whole thing about the bite getting worse before getting better is true for most of us. the important thing is that you keep a positive outlook and that you see the bigger picture. it Will get better and you should not stop half way as you are in a worse place than when you started. it´s all a part of the process. maybe try to talk with your docs about how important it is to have a perspective and when you could get your surgery date. it helps to have a goal to work towards, because you need to stay as motivated and healthy as possible during the process.

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