Still swollen after 3 months ?

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Still swollen after 3 months ?

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I had a lower jaw surgery back in early July in France (sorry for my bad english).

They did advance my lower jaw. At the beginning of the treatment they were planning to move forward my upper jaw to, then they were unsure, then they decided to do only the lower jaw.

I feel pretty insecure about my look now. I was happy with the way I was before, and now I have a strange feeling of having a much bigger head. Is it swelling ? Also one side of my lower jaw feel much bigger than the other, and feel hard to touch. When I force on my teeth of this side, I have a very strange feeling, not like the other side and like it was before surgery.
Did you get improvements in your look still 3 months after your lower jaw surgery ?

And now my teeth are sitting on small plastic things and I think it is making my face looking longer. Did your face looked slimmer at the end of the treatment and removal of the braces ?

Thank You

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Re: Still swollen after 3 months ?

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You still have some swelling 3 months post-op. It can take a year or more for the last of the swelling to go away completely, and it will happen very slowly. You won’t notice any difference day-to-day or probably even month-to-month, but you’ll see in several more months that you’re less puffy than you are now.
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