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Hardware (plates, screws) removal post-op?

Posted: Sun Sep 16, 2018 3:36 pm
by jawregret1
Hi all,

Has anyone here had their hardware removed? I have a few question!

- After how long did you have it removed? Why?
- What was the recovery like? Were you able to resume daily activities after a few days?
- Were there any negative effects?
- Did you notice positive changes?
- Would you say it was worth it?


Re: Hardware (plates, screws) removal post-op?

Posted: Sun Sep 16, 2018 4:59 pm
by snapdresser
Just had half my hardware removed last Friday, so I’m 2 days post-op. It’s been a little over 3 years since my bimax. I got it removed because I could feel it inside. It felt like gauze under my skin or I had braces on or something, and I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life that way if I didn’t have to. I described the feeling to my surgeon and she said I don’t have much scar tissue so it’s either the hardware I’m feeling or nerve damage causing that sensation, so we decided to take out half of the hardware to see if it helps (lower risk doing only half). My surgeon said she had to dig out one of the plates because much of it had been covered in bone by now. The procedure was estimated to take 1.5 hours but took about 3.

I’m taking pain killers so I’m just hanging out at home at this point. See my other post in the June/July 2015 Surgery Buddies thread for more info on my recovery.

Too early to say what the permanent effects are, and if I’d do it again, but I’ll post about that when I think it’s been enough time to say.

Re: Hardware (plates, screws) removal post-op?

Posted: Wed Sep 19, 2018 12:18 pm
by CloudyAngel
HI there,

Did you do the procedure under general anesthesia? And how many screws and plates were removed? I am in a similar position -- almost 2 years since BiMax.

Best Regards, A

Re: Hardware (plates, screws) removal post-op?

Posted: Wed Sep 19, 2018 9:19 pm
by snapdresser
Hey Cloudy,

Yes, general anesthesia in a hospital OR. My surgeon told me that if it had just been a couple screws being removed, she’d have done it at her office surgical suite, but she was glad she did it in the hospital because I had to be retracted all the way up to under my eyes to get the highest screws, and she had to spend a lot of time sawing away bone that was partially covering the plates. I think it was 3 plates and 6 screws that were removed. I asked to keep them and the OR nurse said she’d put them in a cup for me, but apparently my surgeon returns them to the manufacturer. Probably gets a kickback for it :roll:

Fun Fact: they’re apparently Ph.ilips-head screws. I asked :lol:

Re: Hardware (plates, screws) removal post-op?

Posted: Sun Sep 23, 2018 1:43 am
by Sarah96
I had my screws and plates removed after 1.5 years. I did it because I was going to have a revision surgery so they had to remove hardware beforehand. Recovery was quick and fine. It was just a bit swollen and uncomfortable first 2 days. I could do my daily activities without any problem but it was holidays so I didn't need to study/work. There were no negative effects. Well my hardware was not giving me any problems so I didn't see positive changes. I didn't have problem with them. All I can say recovery is really quick you can just take a week off from work and then you'll be fine

Re: Hardware (plates, screws) removal post-op?

Posted: Wed Sep 26, 2018 9:28 am
by CloudyAngel
Thanks so much for sharing your information. I am hoping to have my hardware removed - I seem to be having a reaction to it - swelling and pressure....not fun!!! I have a lot of screws and I think 2 plates, but they are not high.... so, hopefully it wont be so difficult.....