Revision Lefort 1 and plate removal?

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Revision Lefort 1 and plate removal?

#1 Post by Paige712 »

Hi there everyone I’ve somewhat recently (past 6 months) had bi maxillary surgery to fix my gummy smile and underbite but as time has gone by my upper jaw is slanted slightly giving me a crooked bite. I’m planning on getting a lefort revision done in 2019-2020 when I have the funds but am worried about old plate removal and how difficult this will be since by then it will be at least 2 years since my previous lefort. Should I worry about this or is it not a major issue?


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Re: Revision Lefort 1 and plate removal?

#2 Post by glennstanzalone »

I had my lower plates removed at 1.5 years. I was swollen for about 2-3 weeks like I had dental work then back to normal. Procedure is very easy.
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Re: Revision Lefort 1 and plate removal?

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Why don't you just keep the screws until the revision, unless the screws are floating or popping out or bothering you? Otherwise there's no need to remove them, especially you are seeking a revision next year.

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