braces are making my underbite worse

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braces are making my underbite worse

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Hey there, I am new to this so i´ll introduce myself.
Im a 31 yrs old male with an underbite living in Paris. I had my wisdom teeth removed and I had a gum surgery to fix the recessions prior to getting braces (upper ones in january followed by the lower ones a month later). The surgery is planed to be around christmas this year. However, slowly but surely my braces opened my bite even more and it´s getting to a point where it becomes a real struggle to speak. Also, the lower braces started to really push into my lip which is very uncomfortable.
Do you guys have a similar experience maybe? Do you know if it will get much worse (i´m now about 4-5 months in braces)? I´m wondering if I´ll get used to it before the surgery or if the feeling will get only worse from now on.

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Re: braces are making my underbite worse

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That's totally normal & it happened to me - don't worry! I was told they exaggerate it as it makes the surgeon's job easier.... not sure if that's true!

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