Can lower jaw adv & genio improve my jawline/profile?

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Can lower jaw adv & genio improve my jawline/profile?

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Hi everyone, I had braces when I was in high school to fix an overbite, but unfortunately, my orthodontist told me that it would never be completely corrected unless I underwent orthognathic/jaw surgery. Its been a few years since I've had my braces off and I am still not completely satisfied with my profile. After speaking with my ortho again he told me that despite the improvement my lower jaw is still recessed because it is too underdeveloped/small.

I am weighing the risk and rewards of going through with the surgery and was wondering if anyone could give me a second opinion as to whether it would be worth the improvement I would see. I am hoping for a stronger, more defined jawline, the first two pictures are my current profile and the third and fourth photos are what I'm hoping for post-surgery. Would this type of outcome be realistic and are there any risks that it could worsen my profile?

Thank you for any feedback, I really appreciate it!

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Re: Can lower jaw adv & genio improve my jawline/profile?

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Your jawline and profile look fine. If anything, you could consider cheek implants. Submental lipo is probably too much for your case, and a BSSO and genio seem like drastic overkill. Mandibular angle implants would end up looking too big and bulky on you, I think. Your profile measurements are in line with aesthetic norms. I wouldn't go messing with it surgically; you probably wouldn't be happy with the results. You might consider trying to lose some weight, if you have weight to spare, to get a little more definition. I'd caution you against chasing results like that with surgery, though. You look good already, man :thumbsup:
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